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SimplyBook iOS Scheduling App Update has now launched an update of the iOS admin scheduling app. The main change in the new upgrade is that “Upcoming appointments” has been added to the menu. This function allows users to see all upcoming bookings as a list and even if the device is offline, this list stays saved and appears. This can be very… Read More »

No more late cancellations! New Cancellation Policy plugin team often receives requests to allow users to restrict the time to certain hours before booking takes place as to when clients can cancel an appointment. Now with the new Cancellation Policy plugin, you can create your own cancellation policy text and set the number of hours before appointment takes place after which the booking cannot be… Read More »

WP plugin upgrade for the appointment widget

On this coming Thursday, 4th of February 2016,  we will be doing a big upgrade in our booking software system. However that will be discussed more in a seperate post. Alongside with the system upgrade, we will additionally be applying fixes and enhancements to our recently launched native WordPress Appointment Booking plugin. Our enhancements… Read More »

WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin has offered a free WordPress appointment booking plugin since 2011. This first plugin was iFrame based and created certain limitations for users that wanted to make further developments on the scripts and it could only be downloaded from the website.  We are now extremely pleased to announce that we have launched our first new… Read More »

Graphical stats on appoinments and booking revenue in dashboard

We have added a few very interesting graphs into the company dashboard of our users. In these graphs you can see various information about bookings, revenue, workload and client attendance.  Furthermore you can look at bookings and revenue per provider or per all providers. You can also pick out certain providers to see only their statistics.… Read More »

More details on the Almighty Antares update

With the Almighty Antares update, has added plenty of new valuable features that make our system even more comfortable and easier to use. Here is the full list of new features:   Design and layout As you have noticed, we upgraded our design to become more modern and functional, and it allows to easily distinguish different elements… Read More »

Bright Betelgeise BookingTroll update – Appointment booking directory is the directory project of that was launched many years back and has served as providing our users with more visibility on the Internet. Our first update on this project for many years is now finished with the Bright Betelgeise update but a new update is then planned in a few… Read More »