WP plugin upgrade for the appointment widget

By | January 20, 2016

On this coming Thursday, 4th of February 2016,  we will be doing a big upgrade in our SimplyBook.me booking software system. However that will be discussed more in a seperate post. Alongside with the system upgrade, we will additionally be applying fixes and enhancements to our recently launched native WordPress Appointment Booking plugin.

Our enhancements and fixes are as follows:

Several payment processors are added to the booking plugin.

  • Stripe has been added
  • PayPal has been added
  • PaymentWall has been added
  • Delayed payments have been added
          (accepting payments on place if user does not want to pay during booking

We have also enabled recurring services, 24/12 vs am/pm hour time format. The plugin will now sense the client time zone and suggest accordingly if this is set up in the user side of system (only recommended if users have international clients).

Users can now also show their own Terms&Conditions for their clients during booking process and finally there were some fixes done in Group bookings, Any Employee and Additional fields plugin.

Remark that everything that is mentionned here above applies ONLY to our new native WordPress plugin and does not change anything for the booking widgets and appointment buttons that are alreay in use by our users.

One thought on “WP plugin upgrade for the appointment widget

  1. Marvin

    You missed the letter D on the following:

    PayPal has been adde


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