No more late cancellations! New Cancellation Policy plugin

By | March 16, 2016 team often receives requests to allow users to restrict the time to certain hours before booking takes place as to when clients can cancel an appointment. Now with the new Cancellation Policy plugin, you can create your own cancellation policy text and set the number of hours before appointment takes place after which the booking cannot be cancelled. You can even prohibit all cancellations.

screen 3

Set your cancellation policy and stop people from cancelling an appointments if there is limited time to reschedule a booking for another client.

On your booking page, clients will have a checkbox above the “Book Now” button saying “I agree with cancellation policy”. In order to proceed with the booking, they will need to agree with your cancellation policy.

Have your clients accept cancellation policy before confirming their booking

Have your clients accept cancellation policy before confirming their booking


Moreover, when your clients follow cancellation link or all events link in emails, they will receive a warning that the booking cannot be cancelled and will have an option to read cancellation policy text.

screen 2

You can change the warnings text in Settings // Custom translation.

Remark that it may be beneficial for you to allow clients to cancel a booking even if it is shortly before the scheduled appointment because otherwise, they (the clients) may simply not show up at all, and you might be waiting in vain.

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