Security Announcement

Some scrupulous individuals are phishing users with an email, pretending to be and driving them to a fraud site to steal their information. (THIS IS NOT OUR DOMAIN) The fraudulent email message is: We urge you to NOT click on links in this email and NOT visit the domain!! If you… Read More »

Booking system for retirement homes

With the Corona Covid-19 virus raging all of the world, the most vulnerable citizens are our parents, and grandparents now resting in retirement homes (EHPAD). Not only are these citizens who helped build the future we now live in the most vulnerable ones to get the virus, but they are also severely affected by the… Read More »

Press Release

Let´s join forces and stop COVID-19! ltd, the international provider of the appointment booking system, is offering free setup assistance and access to the booking system to any medical centres performing COVID-19 testing. This is how, public health laboratories, medical centres and pharmacies can begin to manage and execute all appointments simply and… Read More »

Complex booking logic solved with API script

Sometimes there can be rather complex needs from companies that have been running on paper when they move on to an appointment booking system and may at first glance seem impossible to solve. A website developer, working for a client was helping him to establish a web presence as well as making it possible for… Read More » Trademark in Europe

The logo is now a registered trademark in the European Union. The application was sent in early this summer and was certified in September 2019. The software has now been running for many years and is getting to be known in many countries around the world so it only makes sense to trademark… Read More »

How to choose your WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugin

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders in the world and as such offers users access to advanced WordPress Appointment plugins and appointment systems. In this article we will investigate what is important to look for when choosing the best booking or appointment plugin if you are using a WordPress site for your… Read More »