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By | October 28, 2015
Get automatically listed in when you sign up with

Get automatically listed in when you sign up with – Appointment booking directory is the directory project of that was launched many years back and has served as providing our users with more visibility on the Internet. Our first update on this project for many years is now finished with the Bright Betelgeise update but a new update is then planned in a few more months with very interesting features that no one else offers.

BookingTroll. What is it? is a free directory powered by to promote the appointment businesses of our clients. The search system includes tens of thousands of companies that are registered with SimplyBook and they are arranged according to their location. automatically detects the location of the visitors and shows all companies in his area, at the same time giving the client a find the service he or she needs.

Structure and Functions consists of several sections:

  •  Upper bar, which includes Home Page, SimplyBook blog, Registration Page for the new companies and Filter by Country.
  • Map, which adjusts to the location of the client and shows different companies in accordance with their address. The map can be expanded/compressed to see more/fewer companies.
  • Search field, where clients can enter what they are looking for and BookingTroll will find the most suitable companies
  • List of companies, which are arranged according to relevance from the closest to the furthest.
  • List of tags, recent feedbacks and promotions.

For our existing clients it is very easy to get listed in The only thing they need to do is to:

  1. Go to Settings//Company Information//Directory listing.
  2. Enter comma separated tags to characterize your company services.
  3. Select category your company belongs to (This will help your clients to easily find you in companies directory).
  4. Upload company logo or image.
  5. Make sure you do NOT have “Do not show in catalog” box checked.

For those who still haven’t signed up with us, the can without a doubt help with making this decision as it serves as a tool to promote their business. To register, please press here.

The BookingTroll directory is very easy to navigate for your clients, current and potential. All they have to do is to search for company or services, like in Google. The most valuable aspect of the new search is that your clients do not need to enter your exact company name to find you, but they can simply enter service or key words for the successful result. Clients can book your services either by choosing a company in the list or by clicking “Book Now” on the map with your company location.


The can become a powerful promotional tool for your business and increase your revenues. Those companies that have limited audience, now get a chance to find new clients with the help of this directory listing. People in your area can see you on the map and discover all the advantages of your service. Navigation through categories, countries and cities also increases your chances to be found by new clientele and new business opportunities besides that being listed there generally makes you rank higher on Google search.

In short, has many useful functions:

       Autodetects client’s location

       Shows companies on the map

       Finds relevant companies in the area listed from the closest to the furthest

       Companies can be searched by categories

       Companies can be filtered by countries

       User-friendly advanced search that is sensitive to key words

       Click the company or the map to book services

BookingTroll may become a significant boost for your business because:

  • It lists you in the directory where clients can easily find you
  • It increases your chances to attract new clientele
  • It is one more chance to promote your business for free
  • It often makes sites rank higher in Google search and thereby receive more guests and potential clients.

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