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Complex booking logic solved with API script

Sometimes there can be rather complex needs from companies that have been running on paper when they move on to an appointment booking system and may at first glance seem impossible to solve. A website developer, working for a client was helping him to establish a web presence as well as making it possible for… Read More » Trademark in Europe

The logo is now a registered trademark in the European Union. The application was sent in early this summer and was certified in September 2019. The software has now been running for many years and is getting to be known in many countries around the world so it only makes sense to trademark… Read More »

Use AI to Nearly Double Your Bookings Today

You’re a small business owner in the service industry. Whether it’s massage, business coaching, fitness training or Spanish tutoring — you work a lot but are nevertheless happy to have struck out on your own. Like any independent professional, you spend most of your time providing the service, with the rest getting filled up by… Read More »

Sell more and then even more! has recently added some awesome features to help you raise your revenue target for the year 2018 even more! These new features will for example allow you to suggest related products during client booking process and to sell service add-ons! Obviously you know what a product sale is, but what the heck is a… Read More »

Do you want to be promoted ?

Do you want to get more visibility for your booking site and business? is on the lookout for some material to post on social media and would love to promote your business if you are a user of the system!   Find us on Instagram (, start following us and send us a message… Read More » Company Trip to Corfu invited the staff to celebrate a successful and growing year on a holiday trip in Corfu for a week and it was Sooooo much fun. Best trip ever! Lots of activities, lots of fun and some strategy discussions to decide on future developments and changes. Many ideas were discussed and some important decisions taken. What follows are some G rated images… Read More »