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Almighty Antares Interface Upgrade

We are pleased to announce that we are launched an improved version of our user administration side of the system today!  Our goal with the Almighty Antares upgrade is to simplify the user interface further and help you to better organize your business in the best way possible. The launch day that we have eagerly… Read More »

Video appointments using and Gruveo

Republish of an old but interesting post. We recently quit support for the video plugin that we had been offering for a few years. However now our users can again use another very simple and brilliant method for fully anonymous phone or video appointments. This can often be necessary because once you have given the Skype id etc… Read More »

System update – make any service recurring and more

We are constantly striving to make our software better and this morning we did an update. Some things you will remark while others you might not remark, but will however make your experience better. The things that you will remark and will definitely be useful and make both your experience and your clients experience better… Read More »

Would you like to “API” ?

We are having more and more developers using our API to implement one of the best appointment booking systems into their own solutions. Because of this we have been getting a lot of questions on how to use our API as it may not be obvious at first glance. This will now change as we… Read More »

Service provider coloring plugin

Our users can now use the coloring plugin to give each service provider a special color. This will make it easier to quickly glance at the dashboard and see what appointment belongs to which provider.