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Clients SOAP records for therapists using appointment systems has added a new custom feature that allows users/therapists to keep SOAP (text) records about clients/patients. The records are timestamped giving the therapist a perfect opportunity to track the progress of patients throughout the lifespan of their relation. Remember that always when there is delicate information, the HIPAA patient custom feature should probably also… Read More »

Sell both Membership and Packs

I noticed today when I went to fitness boxing that my monthly subscription had expired! Since I will be moving abroad in only 20 days, it is not economical to buy another monthly subscription. Luckily the gym offers it’s members to purchase 10 access times (a pack) which is what I will be doing. This means hat… Read More »

Use your own domain name on booking sites

Have you recently created a beautiful simple appointment booking site at Do you own a domain name that relates to your business and do you want to use this when you advertise your site for people to book with you?  It is now easier than ever to use your own domain name on booking sites with… Read More »

Membership bookings – now a feature in has released a new custom feature allowing users to use membership functionality in their booking system. They can create several membership options, with different duration, and each membership can related to many, all or just one service as needed. The system is quite flexible. Let’s now look at a few examples of how this can be used. Membership for yoga… Read More »

Outlook Calendar sync added

There was a new upgrade in the appointment system last week! The team has now added Outlook calendar sync to the Calendar sync custom feature. This means that employees/staff can now sync their personal calendars to avoid bookings when personally occupied whether they are using Google calendar or Outlook calendar. Of course bookings… Read More »