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By | February 22, 2017
Use membership to get recurring revenue and allow your clients to make bookings only if members

Membership can be used for various purposes has released a new custom feature allowing users to use membership functionality in their booking system. They can create several membership options, with different duration, and each membership can related to many, all or just one service as needed. The system is quite flexible. Let’s now look at a few examples of how this can be used.

  1. Membership for yoga classes, dance studio classes, educational classes
    If you have club, studio or school with one or many classes, you can use the membership feature to allow users to buy access to only certain classes or all classes. A full membership could allow access to any class, while a limited membership would allow only access to certain classes or even only one class. Each service, has limited spots, so bookings can only be made until class is full.
  2. Membership to access a service
    How about selling a membership and allowing members to book cheaper services than if they are not members. Imagine that you have a massage or hair studio, and want to build a bit more fixed revenues into your business. Then offering membership could be a perfect solution. Let’s say for a massage salon, you offer clients to buy a membership for $100, and they can then book and buy massage at deep 30% discount, as many times during the month while membership is active. For those with no membership, they can still book, but it is going to cost them more as they can not book the membership services.
  3. Membership bookings for tennis clubs
    Most tennis clubs run memberships where members can book courts for free while non-members need to pay. This can now all happen online, allowing the tennis clubs to generate more revenues than ever before as non-members can easily book and pay online. Another possible set-up for clubs with indoor and outdoor courts would be to have indoor and outdoor courts paying for all non-members, while members could book for free outdoor courts but pay a modest fee for indoor courts.
  4. Membership for simulators
    Companies running simulator equipment like golf simulators, driving simulators etc can benefit from using membership functionality. They can either allow members to book slots for free or to have them pay a discounted fee, while non-members pay full fee.
  5. Membership for Golf clubs
    The new membership feature is excellent for golf clubs, it can allow members to book tee-times for free or for a lower price while non-members can also book, but have to pay the full fee.

There are of course many other variations on how this new membership feature can be used for different businesses. Try to imagine how you can use a membership business model for your business and use it to generate even more revenues.

8 thoughts on “Membership bookings – now a feature in

  1. victor

    I am interested in using this new feature, Is it available now ????. How do I start using it ???

    1. admin Post author

      Please check the custom features inside your system 🙂

  2. Paul

    I have added the membership and client login custom features to allow customers to set up a membership, however custom features is saying I need to merge clients by email, there are no clients on the system yet and when i published iframe code onto my website there is no where in the booking that asks for members to set up a password. I really want to use this feature as its a great addition but need to know its working first.

    1. admin Post author

      Please contact the Live Help, they will quickly help you out with this.

  3. Arthur

    This looks awesome! is there a way to make it so that members can only make an appointment a limited amount of times over a time period, like 8 times per month?

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, we have added option to limit number of bookings per period! This can be very useful to avoid abuse 🙂

  4. Nadene

    we want to set up a membership with a regular monthly direct debit – a subscription.
    What is the best way to do this?

    1. admin Post author

      Please ask our live help to assist you with this as they can enter your system and quickly help you.


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