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By | December 14, 2016
SimplyBook.me users can use the Come back soon plugin to get clients to book again when it is time

SimplyBook.me users can use the Come back soon plugin to get clients to book again when it is time

They say that your existing clients are the best ones so why not increase your service to them, without any efforts but at the same time get more bookings and revenues? Did you know that most people book their next appointment more based on feeling rather than actual need. This guy who came in for a haircut 5 weeks ago, actually needed another one 10 days ago but he just did not notice it yet and no one told him. This is not unique for hairdressers but applies to most bookable services that people need to use over and over.

One of the useful extra features that can be used in the SimplyBook.me system, is the come back soon feature and it helps you to do exactly this! Get your clients to book again in case they are forgetting to book, but this happens much more than you can realize. After enabling this extra feature, you can make reminders that are to be sent to people based on the services they booked last time or depending on the service provider …. or even depending on both! Each service can have a reminder dependent on the service and it can even relate to the provider at the same time.

An example of this could be that Julian who is very detailed and works with clients that are specific in their needs wants to send his clients reminders to book again 3 weeks after they booked last time. He knows that if they do not come in time, they will start to look bad. He sets up his reminders so that his clients each receive a gentle reminder ONLY IF they have not booked again 3 weeks later. He also provides a different service and for this service his clients are reminded to book 5 weeks after their last booking ONLY IF they have not booked again with him. He can choose to use email or SMS or even both, but he chooses to use a short SMS message for his reminders.

You can find the Book Soon Extra feature in the plugin section of your admin interface.

The clients are happy to be reminded to book again, and Julian is happy to get more business.  Everyone and their mother is happy about the Book Soon feature 🙂

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