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By | June 26, 2017
Sell packs using membership access

Use the membership functionality to sell packs with certain number of sessions

I noticed today when I went to fitness boxing that my monthly subscription had expired! Since I will be moving abroad in only 20 days, it is not economical to buy another monthly subscription. Luckily the gym offers it’s members to purchase 10 access times (a pack) which is what I will be doing. This means hat during the next 20 days I can come to the gym any time it suits me and use one of the 10 access times that I purchase.  It is a bit cheaper than buying a whole month.

Now you can do the same because users that have activated the new membership system can create and sell limited number of access times to their service. Below I will explain how this can be achieved.

  1. Go to Menu, select Custom features // find Membership feature, and make sure it is enabled.
  2. Go to Menu, Manage // Membership, press + to add a new membership

    Allow clients to buy X number of access times to a certain service

    Allow clients to buy X number of access times to a certain service

  3. Set the new membership name as “10 times in gym”, or “10 times in 1h massage” or whatever suits you
  4. In “Membership description”, tell potential clients about that they can buy X number of access times and that this can be used over the period that you have set in membership duration. It is important that your clients know how long they can book the services.
  5. In “Duration” you can for example select to have these access times available for usage for 12 months, or 6 months. It would be normal to have this duration over a longer period than general recurring membership.
  6. Finally disallow recurring membership as for this kind of purchase clients usually want to do it on a selective basis.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to sell a pack of services at discount!

Some usage examples could be:

  • Buy 10 massages and get 2 free (in which case you allow 12 bookings)
  • Buy a pack of 10 golf lessons, book any time during the summer months
  • Buy 5 men’s haircuts upfront, pay for only 4!
  • Buy pack of 5 yoga class trials before you become unlimited member

If a user buys 10 times that can be used over the next 3 months, but he uses the sessions in the first 6 weeks, he can buy a new pack of 10 times which then again have 3 months duration!

How can you use this to get clients to purchase more from you?


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