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By | January 2, 2018 has recently added some awesome features to help you raise your revenue target for the year 2018 even more!

These new features will for example allow you to suggest related products during client booking process and to sell service add-ons! Obviously you know what a product sale is, but what the heck is a service add-on, you may ask your self. A service add-on is anything that can enhance your service without it increasing the service duration and the client can choose to have or not included.

So to explain this a bit better I will do so with examples.

  1. Example of a related product sale
    a. A client has just booked a hair-cut, and he is then offered a shampoo, gel and other stuff that relates to this service that he can pick up on the way out when service has finished.
  2. Example of a service add-on
    a. A client is booking a slot in a trampoline park and is offered special jump-socks
    b. A client is booking a relax massage and is offered a higher quality oil as an add-on
    c. A client is booking a diving session and is offered to book extra equipment to use during the dive which he otherwise would be bringing along himself.

The product sales module allows you to set images and description for the product while the service add-on is only a short description that is presented as a check box that the client an tick to add to the service. If a client adds a product or service add-on, the price will adjust and reflect the correct total of service, add-on and products.

Remark, you will need to activate custom features for this to work.

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