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Our support team caught on camera !

Our support team is working hard, all the time, and some say that they are even working hardest of us all, and until proven wrong we believe this is true. We now have some of our support staff that are answering our Live Help in a short camera shot that was taken earlier today. I… Read More »

New laws – Protecting citizens or snooping tool ?

Since we have users in pretty much all internet connected countries in the world, it is normal that various rules and regulations in different countries can affect us. Earlier today we got a question from Russian television station asking us what we think of the new Russian laws that oblige Russian companies to use only… Read More »

Multiple locations – No problem !

You can now activate the Multiple locations plugin to create many locations for your company. Each location can relate to employees working at that location. The plugin is extremely easy to use, and  remember to upload a photo for each location if you have it to to make the booking process look even nicer for… Read More »

We went on a vacation to the french riviera !

After working hard during the summer, creating new features for our booking system users, we took a week of vacation in Southern France to relax and enjoy life outside the office. Here are a few photos from our trip but we used the opportunity to visit Monaco, go to the beautiful Gorges de Verdon, and… Read More »

Winter has come !

Work is great but we also need to do some other fun stuff to clear the mind and be fresh. Winter is of course excellent time to go skiing and have fun in the mountains. Elena our lead UI developer (amongst other things!) did exactly that last week and had a blast with her husband… Read More »

The seldom we take vacation …

It is not often that you don’t find our CTO, Mike,  by the computer. In fact it seems as when he leaves work, he hurries home to sit back at the computer and continue from where he was, and usually he sits there till late night. Surprisingly, he still shows up in the mornings at… Read More »