Use AI to Nearly Double Your Bookings Today

By | May 24, 2018

iBOB the virtual assistant, can answer your phone and take bookings – even if the Google bot calls him

You’re a small business owner in the service industry. Whether it’s massage, business coaching, fitness training or Spanish tutoring — you work a lot but are nevertheless happy to have struck out on your own.

Like any independent professional, you spend most of your time providing the service, with the rest getting filled up by admin and client communication. Although you feel exhausted at the end of the day, your gross income hovers at less than half of what you envisioned back when you started.

How could that be? You seem to be doing everything right, and there is not a minute you are not actually busy. You then try to log all your activities, only to find out that apparently answering the phone and communicating with clients takes up to a third of your time! Unpaid.

If only you could delegate the bulk of that work, you would free up the time to devote to being paid. That alone could probably increase your bookings by 50%.

What about the other 50%? Well, think of it this way. Add up all the time you were unable to pick up the phone because you were busy with the client. Potential customers were calling but you were not available. That’s sad. Now add on top the times when someone was calling on weekends. Or when the line was simply busy. Unlocking access to these missed opportunities is where the other 50% lie.

The problem is — you can’t afford a full-time receptionist. Not even a part-time one. You’re doing fine for yourself, but as a one-person operation, you just don’t have enough cashflow to hire an employee.

Worry no more! Here’s the latest secret that leading small business owners worldwide use to reach maximum efficiency with no additional effort: voice bots.

Sounds like a thing of the future? It is. Today voice bots can take calls, answer questions and schedule appointments — all for a monthly cost of less than what you get paid for an hour of your work.

Take’s iBOB (intelligent booking oriented bot) for example. It uses your existing phone number, integrates with your schedule in real-time*, greets clients with a custom message and handles multiple calls at once.

iBOB could become your tireless assistant, taking care of all phone lines 24/7. Never a busy line ever again. Knowing your schedule, iBOB is able to book customers in the next available slot or any future slot of their choosing. All while you direct your focus at increasing your productive hours. That’s how you get a 100% boost to your bookings without any extra effort.

And not least, think about how your clients perceive your brand and how this perception might shift when a courteous and intelligent robot is answering your phone? You could easily become the most cutting-edge small business owner around.

See what else iBOB is capable of today, and you’ll probably never return to answering your phone yourself again.

* Using iBOB requires an active subscription to’s scheduling software, which is a simple and affordable way to manage and schedule bookings for your business. Learn more at

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