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Complex booking logic solved with API script

Sometimes there can be rather complex needs from companies that have been running on paper when they move on to an appointment booking system and may at first glance seem impossible to solve. A website developer, working for a client was helping him to establish a web presence as well as making it possible for… Read More » Trademark in Europe

The logo is now a registered trademark in the European Union. The application was sent in early this summer and was certified in September 2019. The software has now been running for many years and is getting to be known in many countries around the world so it only makes sense to trademark… Read More »

How to choose your WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugin

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders in the world and as such offers users access to advanced WordPress Appointment plugins and appointment systems. In this article we will investigate what is important to look for when choosing the best booking or appointment plugin if you are using a WordPress site for your… Read More »

Increased security in passwords has launched a new free custom feature that allows the system admin of the scheduling software to set the password policy for both system users and clients in details. The user can decide on things such as minimum password length, if there should be mix of upper and lower case characters, if digits and… Read More »

Medical Compliant Scheduling Software (HIPAA) appointment and scheduling software is HIPAA compliant since 2015! For this we have done various changes to our internal work procedures. We have for example defined specifically on who in the team can access such data and restricted all access. We have also hardened this access to potentially sensitive data via various methods so that only those… Read More »

Also for young entrepreneurs

As the following example shows, is not only for large established companies, but also serves young entrepreneurs starting a new business. The Car Guys, a car-cleaning service started by a 16-year-old entrepreneur, needed a better way to book appointments than cumbersome phone calls and back-and-forth emails and texts. By installing the plugin on… Read More »

* NEWSLETTER * MAY 2018 GDPR ready has been working hard over the last year to prepare for the new European GDPR regulation, and prepare the system so that it helps the users of the system to become GDPR ready. Check out our informational page to see the key features or read our blog about it. iBOB, the… Read More »