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The content management and website builder; has added as appointment scheduling calendar plugin for their users. compliments for users that want to have more content creativity and flexibility than the standard booking website templates offered by They offer more flexibility in adding informational pages, more flexibility with design and then users that need an appointment system can simply add the widget into the website creator was created only a couple of years ago but is rapidly growing because of how easy it is to create your own website with them. You do not need to hire any designer, just select theme, upload material and you are ready to launch. offers two price plans, a free plan where you get a floating advertisement on your website, or a paid subscription for under $10 (if an annual subscription is bought). The paid subscription is cheap and anyone doing real business should not have problem with it.

The paid subscription offers

  • 10GB storage
  • 5GB bandwidth
  • Domain connection
  • Manage web form messages via your email.
  • Remove the floating “Powered by SITE123” tag

 The video above shows how easy it is to implement the booking widget into 

Select from 40 custom features to enhance your booking system! has been doing quite a few updates to the system recently, adding new features to the core system and more custom features, most notably the new membership feature! They have also been adding new beautiful booking templates and finally there has been considerable revamping of many of the functions inside the system. This has without a doubt become one of the most flexible scheduling systems on the market if not the most flexible one. Having built the system based on core functionality and then using custom features to add functionality as needed makes it simple for anyone to start but allows lego like flexibility to solve the complicated needs of different businesses.

There is a reason for why hundreds of new businesses are signing up for every day!

Many new payment processors added

Need a different payment method? Select from 14 payment processors. has now added many new payment processors for users to select from or in total a whooping 14 payment processors and more coming. The processors have been selected so that users anywhere can use one of the most flexible appointment scheduling system using a processor that operates in their relevant country. The following payment processors have now been added:

  • GoCoin
  • 2Checkout
  • Square
  • Worldpay
  • Alipay
  • Asiapay (Paydollar, Pesopay, Siampay)
  • Robokassa
  • Pin Payments

Before this update users could already select from all of the following processors.

  • Paypal
  • Zooz
  • Skrill
  • LiqPay
  • Stripe
  • Bitcoins

With the new membership system has plans to offer users to accept recurring payments from their clients who sign up for a membership at very competitive rates. This means that the membership will automatically renew until the client cancels creating a steady recurring revenue for the user of Click here to see some of the applications for membership usage.

Membership bookings – now a feature in

Use membership to get recurring revenue and allow your clients to make bookings only if members

Membership can be used for various purposes has released a new custom feature allowing users to use membership functionality in their booking system. They can create several membership options, with different duration, and each membership can related to many, all or just one service as needed. The system is quite flexible. Let’s now look at a few examples of how this can be used.

  1. Membership for yoga classes, dance studio classes, educational classes
    If you have club, studio or school with one or many classes, you can use the membership feature to allow users to buy access to only certain classes or all classes. A full membership could allow access to any class, while a limited membership would allow only access to certain classes or even only one class. Each service, has limited spots, so bookings can only be made until class is full.
  2. Membership to access a service
    How about selling a membership and allowing members to book cheaper services than if they are not members. Imagine that you have a massage or hair studio, and want to build a bit more fixed revenues into your business. Then offering membership could be a perfect solution. Let’s say for a massage salon, you offer clients to buy a membership for $100, and they can then book and buy massage at deep 30% discount, as many times during the month while membership is active. For those with no membership, they can still book, but it is going to cost them more as they can not book the membership services.
  3. Membership bookings for tennis clubs
    Most tennis clubs run memberships where members can book courts for free while non-members need to pay. This can now all happen online, allowing the tennis clubs to generate more revenues than ever before as non-members can easily book and pay online. Another possible set-up for clubs with indoor and outdoor courts would be to have indoor and outdoor courts paying for all non-members, while members could book for free outdoor courts but pay a modest fee for indoor courts.
  4. Membership for simulators
    Companies running simulator equipment like golf simulators, driving simulators etc can benefit from using membership functionality. They can either allow members to book slots for free or to have them pay a discounted fee, while non-members pay full fee.
  5. Membership for Golf clubs
    The new membership feature is excellent for golf clubs, it can allow members to book tee-times for free or for a lower price while non-members can also book, but have to pay the full fee.

There are of course many other variations on how this new membership feature can be used for different businesses. Try to imagine how you can use a membership business model for your business and use it to generate even more revenues.

Outlook Calendar sync added

automatic Google and Outlook calendar sync now has both automatic Google and Outlook calendar sync

There was a new upgrade in the appointment system last week!

The team has now added Outlok calendar sync to the Calendar sync custom feature. This means that employees/staff can now sync their personal calendars to avoid bookings when personally occupied whether they are using Google calendar or Outlook calendar.

Of course bookings on busy times can also simply be avoided by easily blocking hours in the scheduler software.

Easily accept bookings for your classes – 2 minutes tutorial

You can easily accept bookings for Classes and Events in the scheduling software! We have put together a video that shows in few minutes how a class is created and displayed immediately on the user’s booking page.

In the video we had already created a provider, but the provider determines how many can attend the class. You do not need to put anything in the provider’s description and no other provider’s settings are needed as he will not be displayed during booking process, since there is one on one relation between the service and provider. In such cases we always skip displaying the provider. When the service provider is created, you go to set up the service. The service is in fact the class and everything that the client will see and choose from so define the name that you want to be displayed, a good description and of course an image that represents the class. If you need an image you can find them cheap at, shutterstock or from other image libraries on the net. You can also use your own photos. In service settings you go and edit the service timetable. There you ONLY open the slots when a class takes place. Each slot needs to be of same duration as the class.  In service settings, you also set the one on one relation between the service (class that you are now creating) and the provider where you defined how many can attend the class.

That’s all, your class is ready and on your booking site you can now see live which times are bookable. So simply create your classes and start accepting bookings so you will never be overbooked again making your clients unhappy with your service.

If you want to accept bookings for an event, well, everything is pretty much the same but instead of setting weekly opening hours for the service, you close all week days, go to special day settings, and open the day and time when the event takes place.

Of course there are many more options that you can use, such as accept payments for the classes, get more information from users during registration and more. You can also use the login plugin and set it so that only pre-registered clients can make bookings.

New beautiful Theme and Client Login

New Appointment Scheduling Theme

We are now adding a range of new beautiful themes that can be used for various businesses.

You can now select the newest theme for your business in the system and it’s versatile and fits most businesses. You just select your background banner, upload your logo and you are ready to go! Remark that if you are using a different language than english you may need to do the translation in Settings // Custom translations. The theme you see in this post has been adjusted for the use of barber shop booking software and uses the photo gallery custom feature plugin to show off some cool images from the shop on the main page. You can of course use any photos, images and colors to make it suit your own business, whether it is for alternative medicine appointments,  meeting rooms, boat renting, hair salons, yoga or whatever business you are in.

This is not the only upgrade in the system because you can also activate the new login feature and have the clients login before confirming appointments. This avoids double client registrations and merging of clients. The login custom features also allows you to have ONLY your existing client base able to make bookings if you prefer to limit bookings and disallow new clients from making bookings.  Yes, this sounds strange but it seems that some of our users have just such a full client database that they do not want to accept new clients.

Remark:  The login custom feature does not work with our old themes, you must change to the new theme for this to work!

Also iFrame widgets and have not yet been updated with Login functionality.

Anonymous video appointments easier than ever!

Join and Gruveo t easily accept appointments

Join and Gruveo t easily accept appointments

Ever heard of Gruveo? Maybe you have or maybe not … but I can tell you that we at love Gruveo because it allows you to accept anonymous video appointments, when it suits both you and your clients. You can accept it on your mobile phone in the Gruveo app or in your normal browser on your computer. You can select to create your Gruveo account as a fixed link so for example your contact link could be or you could have our system create a random link for each appointment so that your clients can ONLY contact you when they have arranged an appointment through the system. Click here to see how you arrange appointments using and anonymous Gruveo links.

So you have in fact 2 simple choices to accept video appointments:

  1. Anonymous link created by for each appointment. You and the client, only need to press this link and the appointment can take place.
  2. You create an account with Gruveo and make a fixed Gruveo link that you send with your appointment reminders.

There are many conveniences using and Gruveo to do Video appointments:

  1. Accept payments before the appointment takes place so it is paid upfront. If there is no payment, then there is no appointment.
  2. You can choose to make this a video appointment or just a simple telephone appointment where no video will be displayed.
  3. If you use anonymous links, you can not be contacted outside the preset appointment time
  4. You do not need to distribute your skype or real telephone to have these meetings
  5. You can select a free version or go for their premium version to get a more professional look and feel on the meetings

Who can use video appointments:

  1. Doctors
  2. Consultants
  3. Various types of therapists
    1. psychiatrists
    2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
    3. Psychotherapists.
    4. Family therapists.
    5. Relationship counsellors
    6. Mediums / Fortune tellers
  4. Recruiters

Who can use telephone appointments:

  1. Sales consultants
  2. Bank advisors
  3. Insurance consultants

and so many more ….

What are you waiting for! If you can provide video meetings or telephone meetings then start now because if not you are losing out on a huge market that is waiting to call you up and pay you for it! Click here to sign up for

Company opening hours and employee work hours

In all appointment booking systems you will deal with having both company opening hours and the staff/employee work times.  That’s not all, because you may also need some services that employees provide available during only some limited hours of the day while other services are available to be booked during the employee work hours. This may not see obvious, nor easy to solve. Following are scenarios you might encounter when running your business:

  • The company is open all weekdays between 9-18 but closed on week-end
  • Jennifer works full time only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but half a day on Thursday and is off on Fridays
  • Brian is working Tuesday till Friday full time, same hours as the company is set as open but always takes a lunch break
  • Brian wants to take a vacation for 2 whole days and before noon another day
  • Jennifer only provides service 1 in the mornings while she provides service 2 always when available

The variations that come up in organizing the schedule of employees and services are plentiful but there are solutions like that solve this and of course much more.

The video above teaches you how to set company opening hours, employee work hours, set company wide vacation days and special vacation days and hours of employees.

Remark that the software also allows you to set services only available at specific hours of day, and even have it only start at certain times.

Want your clients to return and book more? users can use the Come back soon plugin to get clients to book again when it is time users can use the Come back soon plugin to get clients to book again when it is time

They say that your existing clients are the best ones so why not increase your service to them, without any efforts but at the same time get more bookings and revenues? Did you know that most people book their next appointment more based on feeling rather than actual need. This guy who came in for a haircut 5 weeks ago, actually needed another one 10 days ago but he just did not notice it yet and no one told him. This is not unique for hairdressers but applies to most bookable services that people need to use over and over.

One of the useful extra features that can be used in the system, is the come back soon feature and it helps you to do exactly this! Get your clients to book again in case they are forgetting to book, but this happens much more than you can realize. After enabling this extra feature, you can make reminders that are to be sent to people based on the services they booked last time or depending on the service provider …. or even depending on both! Each service can have a reminder dependent on the service and it can even relate to the provider at the same time.

An example of this could be that Julian who is very detailed and works with clients that are specific in their needs wants to send his clients reminders to book again 3 weeks after they booked last time. He knows that if they do not come in time, they will start to look bad. He sets up his reminders so that his clients each receive a gentle reminder ONLY IF they have not booked again 3 weeks later. He also provides a different service and for this service his clients are reminded to book 5 weeks after their last booking ONLY IF they have not booked again with him. He can choose to use email or SMS or even both, but he chooses to use a short SMS message for his reminders.

You can find the Book Soon Extra feature in the plugin section of your admin interface.

The clients are happy to be reminded to book again, and Julian is happy to get more business.  Everyone and their mother is happy about the Book Soon feature 🙂