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Connect to hundreds of other apps with Zapier

online booking system integration with CRM and invoicing software

Users can now integrate with various other systems using Zapier

Need to widen your system functionality and connect your booking flow to other software? Zapier may help you to solve this in just few simple steps!

Zapier allows you to connect to hundreds of other web services. Automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes with no coding, can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Each Zap has one app as the **Trigger**, where your information comes from and which causes one or more **Actions** in other apps, where your data gets sent to automatically.

Sign up for a free Zapier account and the wide choice of different web services will open up a new world of connections.

How to connect to Zapier?

  1. Log in to your Zapier account or create a new account.
  2. Navigate to “Connected Accounts” from the top menu bar.
  3. Now click on search-box to look for “”.
  4. Use your credentials to connect your account to Zapier.
  5. Once that’s done you can start creating an automation! Use a pre-made Zap or create your own with the Zap Editor. Creating a Zap requires no coding knowledge and you’ll be walked step-by-step through the setup.
  6. Need inspiration? See everything that’s possible with and Zapier ready-made Zaps.

Please also check tutorials available:

  1. How to send copy of confirmation email (Gmail integration).(
  2. How to send email confirmations to several emails (
  3. and MailChimp integration (
  4. Other available zaps (

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How to Select the Best Appointment Scheduling Software for 2018

It can be difficult to choose the correct appointment booking system

It can be difficult to choose the correct appointment booking system

This is updated article. When selecting an appointment scheduling software and apps there are many things to look into before taking a final decision. The most important question, that unfortunately many forget to ask them selves while going through the cloud of solutions, is obviously,

1. Will the appointment booking system exist in the long term. There is hundreds of appointment booking systems available to choose from on the Internet today and you don’t want to find yourself with someone that does not exists in a couple of months.

When selecting a partner to rely on with your  appointment booking software, you should preferably select someone that is reliable and profitable and actively developing the software for the better. How can you know if someone can be relied on? There are ways but the best one is probably to simply ask for a credit report on the company. Below is a recent credit report on where it can be seen that risk of default is rated very small or far under 1% so it is likely it will be around for long time.

Get a credit report on the company you are planning to do business with.

2. How long the company been running the solution can give you indication on stability of solution.  This is important because you will almost certainly not get a feature rich and bug free solution from someone who has only existed a couple of years. The reason is that it takes a long time cleaning bugs from a software and everyone that produces software has to fight bugs. Microsoft is for example a good example of a company that has had to fight a lot of bugs in their consumer software through the times.  Online appointment booking software is here no exception and even more so because there is a lot of complex underlying functionality. In short, go for one of the better established appointment solution providers to get a stable system. You can generally check the domain age by looking at domain information such as

Check domain for indication of if this is going to be the best appointment scheduling app out there.

How long have they existed and are they planning to be there for long time

You get twofold information here. First you when the domain was created, and secondly you when it expires. Serious companies usually buy the domain far in to the future as they plan to live for a long time. was however created even earlier or in 2009 under the name of DoReserve but in 2011 there was a name change. In 2017 the project was therefore 8 years old.

3. Does it have many features and is the system still being developed? You also need to look at what features are offered in the system and if the features will cover your needs. You want to see that you can have multiple providers and many users that can access the system, you may want users to have different access level, and providers will definitely need to have different work hours. You also want to see that you can have multiple services and that the services can have different duration. Very often you also want providers to be able to connect their Google or Office Calendar so they can see appointments and block times directly from there. A good dashboard where you have an overview over your business, site visits, bookings, cancellations, revenue etc can also be very useful. A good and flexible promotion system that allows you to promote services and create discounts can also help you to get more clients and create more revenues. Possibility to add the system to your Facebook fanpage can also be useful.

4. User reviews are also important. Capterra is the biggest reviews site for appointment scheduling system. The following is a screenshot from reviews on Capterra.

Check reviews sites to see how the software is rated.

Check reviews sites to see how the software is rated but look deeper into the reviews.

Review sites can not always be fully trusted and we have seen solutions with loads of reviews where almost none of the reviewers could be found as a company. So if you look at reviews, you should also do a check if the reviewer actually exists as a company. Also check if the reviews are gradually coming in or if they all came in at a similar time as that is obviously not normal. Beware if all the reviews are positive and have no negative comments because in such cases it is likely that in fact that no real user is rating the company and that all the reviews were made by the company. It is absolutely normal for a company to have some negative reviews because no one solution can fit everyone, and many of those looking to give a review are often the unhappy ones.

Other important questions may be:

  • Can you sell products to clients when they finish their booking?
  • How secure is the system, do they offer double authentication, for example SMS and/or  Google authenticator?
  • Do they offer HIPAA and SOAP?
  • Is there a membership system?
  • Can you sell packs of services?
  • Will the system fulfill the new GDPR laws coming in May 2018and will the system also help you to fulfill your GDPR obligations?
  • Does it integrate with many payment providers, or is there only a few that you can choose from? has been around and solving appointment scheduling needs for about 8 years. The company has been running with increasing profits for over 5 years and has 20 employees. There is live help for over 20 hours everyday on weekdays and for 6 hours over the weekend to help you set up your system. The system is extremely stable and has been tried by tens of thousands of users for many years. All the above mentioned features are in the system and many more. There is both a free trial with no obligations to continue. If you are a small business, you may even fit into the free version which has thousands of active users, that benefit from having a free online appointment system. Do your own research to find the best booking software.

Here are some videos from the system:

More appointment scheduling tutorial videos can be found here. got a facelift in October!

Time to do a Facelift

Time to do a Facelift, in October 2017, the site had a little bit of facelifting.

The autumn is here and to celebrate it just kicked off with some new features, and performance improvements as well as a new look for the external website!

A couple of new pages were added

One page was added to explain enthusiasm for security and the other one to show off a booking site themes which users can choose from to use as their own company web page and booking site.  Apart from that the other pages got a proper facelift to be more informative and to reflect our new branding… we hope you will like it!

New theme page shows some available themes

New theme page shows some available themes

New Features:

Classes and membership functionality

Classes and Membership features are in fact not a new feature as this has been possible in the system for a while. However, there was never a special module for the classes so setting classes up, had to be done indirectly by taking some complex steps. Phew … thankfully that time is over and users can now easily use the new classes function to create both classes and events with ease. Classes times and schedules is also very easy to set up, and can be done on a weekly basis, on a special day bases, or even as a multiple special day bases. 

In short, it is easy to set up but still stays very flexible.  You can play the video below to see how easy it is to use and setup. Remember that this is just a simple overview of the functionality and many of the features are not diplayed in the video.

New type of setting schedules for classes and events

Whether you are setting up a new recurring class, a temporary class that takes place a few times over a limited period or an event, the new scheduling settings will enable you to set this up in a breeze.

There are in fact a few scheduling scenarios to take a look at:

1. A class takes place, every day the company is open at the same times of day.
In this case the easiest way is to select the Fixed times feature from the Classes settings. Once inside the Fixed times feature, you can select the hours (and minutes) of the class. If class takes place at 10.00 and 14.30 every day, you select the fixed hours as 10 and minutes as 00, and then as 14, and minutes as 30. You class is now set to take place every day the company is open at these times. If some days, company is set closed in mornings, then only the afternoon session will be available.

Classes can be set to have fixed start times, every day the company is open.

Classes can be set to have fixed start times, every day the company is open.

2. A class takes place at different times on different days and company is open for other classes on other days.
In this case you open the service scheduler, and in the weekly view you will see the opening hours of the company. You can drag the sliders to adjust for the opening hours of each day. If a class takes place more than once on a specific day, just press the white box in the niddle of the slider, and it splits up and you can select more time slots. For even more flexibility, press the link to see the More flexibility view 🙂

The slider view works for up to 2 classes per day.

The slider view works for up to 2 classes per day.

The complex view, which in fact is not so complex, allows you to easily set many openings per day for the class and you see a view of the whole week. Simply click to close and activate open and close times. Open times are of course when the class takes place.

In this view, you see the whole week and can easily set many start times for the class on each day.

In this view, you see the whole week and can easily set many start times for the class on each day.

More Payment Processor

There are now even more Payment Processors to our system but in this system update added PayFort, Mollie and CCAvenue.  Today you can choose between 23 different Payment Providers if you want to accept payments upon booking.

There were also bug fixes and speed optimisations

With the help of users help as well as’s special testers,  many smaller things were changed in various interfaces of the system. Even more importantly, some database optimsations were done that increase the speed of finding emtpy slot for clients to up to 5 fold.  Now with this new system update the system works better than ever 🙂

That´s all for now… if you have any questions or comments about the new improvements please contact Live Chat.

Classes and Membership bookings – MUST SEE!

The team at has now launched a hugely enhanced version for membership and classes booking system. It is easy to set up but still stays flexible.  Play the video to see how easy it is to use and setup. Here below is a list of some of the features:


  • Name, description and an image representing the class
  • Maximum number of attendees
  • Name and details of teacher/provider
  • Flexible class duration
  • Use start times to set when class starts
  • Use schedule to set periods when class takes place
  • Set class up as event based, so it only happens once or few times on selected days
  • Group classes into categories
  • Use intake forms to ask clients questions when they book a class
  • Include class in one or more memberships


  • Name, description and an image representing the class
  • Flexible membership duration period
  • Can be set automatically recurring
  • Client credit card can be auto charged upon renewal when selected credit card processors are used
  • Clients are reminded before expiry and warned before fee is deducted from credit card
  • Clients are notified on successful renewal of membership
  • All notifications can be manually changed too contain message that better suits each business
  • Messages can be sent as email, SMS or both
  • Client first payment can be set different from recurring months. This can be useful when businesses charge inscription fee.
  • Membership can be set as one time fee only
  • Membership fee can be charged, while keeping discounted fees on class upon each booking
  • Admin/employees can manually accept payments not paid via credit card
  • Limit how often client can book during the subscription period to avoid abuse
  • Sell limited number of sessions as packs

The users of are sure to find various ways of using these new features to their advantages, helping their business to grow in both revenues and happy clients.

It is clear that is becoming a good, low priced alternative to MindBodyOnline!

About Spammers and Scammers

Some competitors go low in efforts to gain business.

A desperate competitor is spamming our user as they are unable to generate referrals and business on their own. This specific business is known for creating fake profiles to make reviews for themselves, they claim a number of users that they are nowhere near having and who knows what other lies come from them.

There are hundreds of solutions making scheduling software, but this competitor seems unable to build business on own merits so they spam users of other systems. Will this competitor still be alive in 6 months is a question worth while asking but meanwhile, you can mark their email as spam as you can not trust your data with such scammers/spammers.

What would you think of competitors that started calling your clients, telling them how bad you are and how great they are while you knew they are just scammers that can’t be trusted?

Clients SOAP records for therapists using appointment systems

Patient SOAP Records

Patient SOAP Records has added a new custom feature that allows users/therapists to keep SOAP (text) records about clients/patients. The records are timestamped giving the therapist a perfect opportunity to track the progress of patients throughout the lifespan of their relation. Remember that always when there is delicate information, the HIPAA patient custom feature should probably also be activated.

The users may of course find various other purposes for this new feature but the basic purpose of the SOAP records is to keep track of the client’s condition and follow their progress after each client session and to track the effectiveness of treatments and aid to decide on future therapies and techniques.


The first part of the SOAP record is subjective observations. The client describes verbally things such as:

  • How they feel
  • History of symptoms
  • Details about what hurts
  • How this is affecting their life
  • If something makes them feel better or worse

The therapist can ask the patient for a rating on his condition so that he can use this at later times to evaluate the progress.


Here the therapist looks at the patient condition and tries to see if he can see visible effects on the patient because of his condition. This can be factors like:

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Breathing Patterns
  • Effects on the patient’s posture
  • Mobility
  • Swelling
  • Muscle Texture
  • Any weaknesses of limps
  • Movements of joints
  • Color changes on skin
  • Temperature

Other conditions may need to be evaluated depending on the provider’s profession


The therapist evaluates if there are any results of the treatment such as changes in posture and range of motion. The client condition after treatment can also be ranked.


The plan part of the SOAP record should include forward thinking measures of what recommended actions should be for the client. This can consist of giving the client exercises to perform until next appointment, the frequency of appointments, and potentially what the therapist is planning for the next meeting of the client.

Remember to always inform and have your client’s or patient’s consent when you are keeping delicate personal information about them.

Sell both Membership and Packs

Sell packs using membership access

Use the membership functionality to sell packs with certain number of sessions

I noticed today when I went to fitness boxing that my monthly subscription had expired! Since I will be moving abroad in only 20 days, it is not economical to buy another monthly subscription. Luckily the gym offers it’s members to purchase 10 access times (a pack) which is what I will be doing. This means hat during the next 20 days I can come to the gym any time it suits me and use one of the 10 access times that I purchase.  It is a bit cheaper than buying a whole month.

Now you can do the same because users that have activated the new membership system can create and sell limited number of access times to their service. Below I will explain how this can be achieved.

  1. Go to Menu, select Custom features // find Membership feature, and make sure it is enabled.
  2. Go to Menu, Manage // Membership, press + to add a new membership

    Allow clients to buy X number of access times to a certain service

    Allow clients to buy X number of access times to a certain service

  3. Set the new membership name as “10 times in gym”, or “10 times in 1h massage” or whatever suits you
  4. In “Membership description”, tell potential clients about that they can buy X number of access times and that this can be used over the period that you have set in membership duration. It is important that your clients know how long they can book the services.
  5. In “Duration” you can for example select to have these access times available for usage for 12 months, or 6 months. It would be normal to have this duration over a longer period than general recurring membership.
  6. Finally disallow recurring membership as for this kind of purchase clients usually want to do it on a selective basis.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to sell a pack of services at discount!

Some usage examples could be:

  • Buy 10 massages and get 2 free (in which case you allow 12 bookings)
  • Buy a pack of 10 golf lessons, book any time during the summer months
  • Buy 5 men’s haircuts upfront, pay for only 4!
  • Buy pack of 5 yoga class trials before you become unlimited member

If a user buys 10 times that can be used over the next 3 months, but he uses the sessions in the first 6 weeks, he can buy a new pack of 10 times which then again have 3 months duration!

How can you use this to get clients to purchase more from you?



Check out some tools that can enhance your beauty business

We’ve scoured the internet to find you the best tools and resources to help you build your beauty business and pulled it together into one neat page. Whether you have a beauty salon, hair salon, nail salon, spa, do eyelash extensions or whatever else, we are sure you’ll find something that you can benefit from. We’ve collected some great stuff to help you get your business out there and clients flooding in!  

It is always aspiring to check out the key sector blogs to get inspiration for how to proceed with your business.  Beauty Launchpad has some great articles about how to manage your salon, retail and opening strategies and much more.  Beauty Cast Network gives advice on operation, social media marketing for salons, marketing tips, customers service tips and more.  Industrie is a boutique creative studio that specializes in creating content and marketing strategies for their clients in the beauty industry.  And the list goes on and on.

To ease your life, we have mapped the “Must follow” blogs and websites and then listed a number of great business tools to use for your beauty business.  

Check it out here:

Use your own domain name on booking sites

Have you recently created a beautiful simple appointment booking site at Do you own a domain name that relates to your business and do you want to use this when you advertise your site for people to book with you?  It is now easier than ever to use your own domain name on booking sites with the domain name that you own and want to use! Simply go to additional features, scroll all the way down, and you will find a new feature called “Your own domain name and 3 years SSL”. Click to purchase, and follow the instructions.

Set a custom domain name for your site.

Set a custom domain name for your site.

The price for own domain is only $199 and includes setup and 3 years of SSL usage. The SSL certificate guarantees secure communication between the server on your new domain and your clients.  Unfortunately as you will be on your own domain the certificates provides all users when they are using domain name can not be used. SSL communication is an absolute necessity for all businesses that transfer any information that includes client data so no longers offers only domain setup without SSL. Browser like Google Chrome have even started to notify site users especially about it when a site they are visiting is not encrypted.

As an example we show a link to Netsol where they compare the prices of SSL of various providers. The pricing at includes the cost of the SSL certificates for 3 years so this is a cost you will avoid during this time.

To get the domain to work on servers you need to go to your domain supplier (ie where you bought your domain) and visit the DNS controller for your domain. There you need to edit or add A records to the domain and point them to relevant IP address/servers at The IP address depends on whether you are on (International users) or on (European users).


  • IP address for users:
  • IP address for users:

Please ask the live help of for help if you are unsure.

Following is an example from GoDaddy. There you need to go to the domain list, and click Manage DNS. There you can set the A record as shown on following image.

How to set A record in GoDaddy so that your domain points to

How to set A record in GoDaddy so that your domain points to

The @ can be any subnames of your domain that will be directed to Instead of @ sign you could for example insert a certain word. For example you could use:  booking in which case you would have would be the domain to use at If you insert * for a wildcard, then all subdomains would get directed to If you only want “root” for your domain name, you do not set anything where the @ sign is. In which case the booking site would be