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Can I accept deposits when clients book an appointment ?

OUTDATED ARTICLE, SEE UPDATED ARTICLE HERE This is a very common question to us and fortunately the answer is fortunately a simple YES ! The procedure to accept deposits is as follows: Activate the Payment plugin. Go to services, you set the price amount equal to the deposit amount. Go to Settings // Custom translation… Read More »

Changing the button widget

As many of you know, you can install a booking button widget on your site. The booking button widget allows visitors to press a button on all your pages, and then appears a booking overlay, over the page they are on where the appointment can be booked. The normal booking button is yellow and can… Read More »

Accept appointments online on your SquareSpace page

It is easy to start accept bookings from your clients at your page. You will need to have an advanced or business subscription with them but then you can simply create a new page and follow the instructions in this link: If you only have a free subscription with them, then you can… Read More »