Want some insights about your operations?

By | July 8, 2014

I guess you all have heard the words “Big data”, “Insights”, and the new popular job “Data scientists”. All these words are in fact about how companies can better use the data that they use gather about the sales, client interactions, clients etc. There is massive amounts of data being gathered constantly about your business, but unfortunately, this data is not being used so much to help companies and especially small companies to better run their business, and understand their client’s needs. This is however all about to change, more and more systems are offering their users the tools to better analyze the data that is being gathered.  SimplyBook.me is also participating in this new trend and is offering an Insights plugin that allows the users to see various information about the business. Remark that this is just our first version and we hope to get your feedback on what data and information you want to see.

Filter conditions can be set to show evolution and future bookings as of today.

Here below are 2 short video introductions about the plugin and how it works, and don’t forget … give us your feedback on what more you want to see in it !


[vimeo id=”100223241″ align=”center”]
Insights – Part 1


[vimeo id=”100223242″ align=”center”]
Insights – Part 2


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