We accept Bitcoins !

By | December 4, 2013
SimplyBook.me accepts Bitcoins

SimplyBook.me booking and appointment system now accepts Bitcoins

Yes, we believe Bitcoins are here to stay and we want to give all those users that already have been so lucky to “find” or earn Bitcoins using their computer power the possibility to spend them at SimplyBook.me for system usage. We admit it … we don’t expect any explosion in users paying us using Bitcoins! In fact for normal people they are not so easy to get by, but that will be changing more and more in the near future. We sincerely hope that Bitcoins will become an important currency in the world market. This will be a currency where the Fed or other central banks can´t just step in and start printing billions and trillions more of the currency with the risk of inflation and devaluation of hard earned money.

Be it now or be it later that our users start paying us in Bitcoins, doesn’t matter. We are ready to accept Bitcoins and not only are we ready but all our users can accept Bitcoins from their clients as well. When more shops, services and stores accept Bitcoins, the more likely they are to become a real currency that competes with the dollar and euro and other government controlled currencies.


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