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By | June 12, 2013

Use these ideas to increase your revenues or get your business started


Here is a good reminder about some of our most important features that will help you to get more business, and increase your revenues but at the same time you increase the customer service level and make your clients more happy.




  1. With the Facebook client info plugin allow your clients to make bookings, using their Facebook login. This means that each time they make a booking, all their friends can see what was booked. When they accept the booking app they can deny this possibility but if you are providing delicate services do not use this plugin!
  2. Use the Book soon plugin to remind clients to come back if they have not booked another appointment after a certain time since their last appointment. Often clients don’t remember to book again and then do it much later than they would have,if they would have been reminded, meaning revenue loss for you.
  3. Activate the Promotion plugin and do a promotion to a selected group of clients or to all your clients if things are going slow. Make it limited and with a short booking window and remind them about you without risking to much as the promo can be limited in number or duration. Also tell about it on Facebook to get even more distribution:
  4. Ask your clients to make a feedback on your service (inside in Settings // Configuration), soon after they receive your service. When they do this, they also tell all their friends, and you get the feedback on your site for others to see which will sell you even more.
  5. Use Google adwords ( and Facebook ads ( to let people know about you. Make sure you  in both places to only advertise to your near environment by using geographical constraints when setting the ads up.

The great thing about advertising when you have a booking system like  is that potential clients can arrive on your site, day or night and they can act immediately on your ad. They don’t have to remember you the day after and call you during opening hours.

So get to work, get more business, more money and increase your service level at the same time !!

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