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By | October 16, 2012
Use the Book Soon plugin to get more business and service your clients better

You can adjust the Book Now plugin to send reminders to clients that should re-book soon.

We just can’t stop thinking how we can make the system better for you and how we can help you make more business. We have now just released a new plugin that will help you to retain and service better your existing clients and get a bit more business on the way. Our newest plugin the “Book Soon” really is a win-win situation for both you and your clients. In addition to that we have also launched a new WordPress plugin making it extremely easy for those with WordPress templates to set up their online appointment system on their websites. Finally we have done some minor enhancements like allowing you to choose if your clients are obliged to insert phone number while making a booking and some more stuff that you may already have noticed in the system.

The Book Soon plugin is really smart! It allows you to set up automatic rules that relate to services and/or service providers and it reminds your client to book again in some day interval that you set up. You can set up several different reminders and use different days interval and on all or only on some chosen services.

An example of usage could be a hair salon with both males and females coming for a haircut. Alex, who usually has a simple haircut receives automatically a “Book Soon” reminder every 24 days telling him that now would be the right time to book again to maintain the hair in good style. Alicia, who gets a coloring and cut every two weeks receives a notification every 12 days, reminding her that now would be the right time to book. In both cases, if they have already booked, the system will not send them any “Book Soon” reminder. Another case would be for the golf teacher that has clients with 2 appointments every week for the next 6 weeks. He creates an automatic “Book Soon” reminder to be sent to clients 3 months after last lesson. If they have no upcoming appointment then, they will receive a “Book Soon” reminder telling them to maintain a good form, taking a few lessons now could be a clever thing. Use your imagination and we are sure that you will find this plugin useful.

You should write in the reminder that you appreciate the client’s last visit, you hope it was great experience, and that you look forward to his next one that might need to be booked soon. You might add that if the client has already re-booked, you look forward seeing him when he/she arrives. After saving your new “Book Soon” notification, our system will automatically send a reminder to each of your clients in the date interval that you have chosen per service (or service provider). The reminder will make the client remember you, remember that now is again time to book, they will feel taken care of, and you can get a little extra business as your clients will book more often for sure.

Other updates and enhancements

We also finished a simple WordPress plugin that users can use to set up in their WordPress system and easily install the booking widget on their site.

We have also added a checkbox option in to the configuration where you can select whether the phone number is obligatory or not. You can though of course not use the SMS reminders or SMS promotions if you don’t have the client’s mobile numbers.

If you have questions on how to use this plugin, please visit our FORUM 

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  1. Tim Erzenjak

    Hi, I just wanted to know if the simply book widget is also available for webpages using drupal cms?
    If I choose to use your service will you be able to guarantee the implementation of Australia’s new privacy laws?
    Kind regards


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