Company opening hours and employee work hours

By | December 15, 2016

In all appointment booking systems you will deal with having both company opening hours and the staff/employee work times.  That’s not all, because you may also need some services that employees provide available during only some limited hours of the day while other services are available to be booked during the employee work hours. This may not see obvious, nor easy to solve. Following are scenarios you might encounter when running your business:

  • The company is open all weekdays between 9-18 but closed on week-end
  • Jennifer works full time only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but half a day on Thursday and is off on Fridays
  • Brian is working Tuesday till Friday full time, same hours as the company is set as open but always takes a lunch break
  • Brian wants to take a vacation for 2 whole days and before noon another day
  • Jennifer only provides service 1 in the mornings while she provides service 2 always when available

The variations that come up in organizing the schedule of employees and services are plentiful but there are solutions like that solve this and of course much more.

The video above teaches you how to set company opening hours, employee work hours, set company wide vacation days and special vacation days and hours of employees.

Remark that the software also allows you to set services only available at specific hours of day, and even have it only start at certain times.

3 thoughts on “Company opening hours and employee work hours

  1. Grammar police

    Let me know if you’d like me to grammar check your articles. I count 7 errors on this page, but that could vary depending on your comma use preference

  2. Jana

    I am running an online business with quite flexible working hours, can I hide the opening hours from my booking site?

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, you can hide with all themes besides our new theme (Settings // Configuration). This will be added so it can be set hidden there as well.


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