Services have their own life and availability

By | November 7, 2016 is becoming extremely flexible and can be manipulated to serve various needs is becoming extremely flexible and can be manipulated to serve various needs

REMARK: Existing (old) users of need to go to Settings // Configuration // Hide special times settings for services, and activate this feature. has now upgraded all servers with a new feature that allows users to set services with their own availability. This means that if you are working from 9-5 (or any other time), then you can have some service available only part of this time. Other services can be available the whole time or also some other part of the working hours. This can be useful in circumstances when you want to focus on certain services in morning for example and then some other services in the afternoon.

Now there are following variations of time setting:

  1. Opening hours of company
  2. Work hours of providers
  3. Availability times of certain services




You also have special day settings for:

  1. Company
    for example if there are general vacation days over Christmas or similar, or special open days on weekends when it is generally closed
  2. Providers
    for example if some provider needs to take a day off, or goes off for a vacation, or wants to take a break some afternoon etc
  3. Services
    for example if you want to make a certain service only available on certain day, you might set generally all days closed for this service, and then in special day, choose the date it is available and open for it.

The times availability are intersection of total availability so for example a company may be open from 8am to 9pm (8-21) and then a provider may be working from 8am to 1pm (8-13) and then one service may be set as available only between 9am-11am (9-11). In this case, this service is ONLY bookable between 9-11, no matter if provider is working longer or if company is open even longer.

Since the system is extremely flexible this new feature comes in as an addition to solve variou circumstances that can arise in business operations.

Remember that a provider does not have to be a person, it can be equipment, office, activity or whatever. If you are in doubt that works for you, don’t hesitate to ask our live help, and describe what you are trying to achieve, and it might just be that our system solves it even though it may not be apparent at first sight.

Various other smaller changes and enhancements were also applied.

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