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SimplyBook.me GDPR ready

SimplyBook.me has been working hard over the last year to prepare for the new European GDPR regulation, and prepare the system so that it helps the users of the system to become GDPR ready. Check out our informational page to see the key features or read our blog about it.

iBOB, the intelligent voice bot

Does your business accept appointments? If so, there is no need for us to tell you what a pain it is from the customer’s point of view when they hear the dreaded “Please wait. All of the operators are busy at the moment”.
In May we just released a new voicebot – iBOB – who is here to change the rules of the game. Business owners can now finally get their hands on an assistant capable of taking calls, gathering personal info and scheduling appointments via the telephone.  Telegraph just picked up on it and published an article about it and you can also read more about it on our blog.

Other updates and Developments in May

Our favourite update in May was the new look of our Admin Interface.  We updated the whole dashboard as well as the look of a lot of our main pages within the admin interface.  On top of that we added new booking website template, and amended the custom design page to make it easier to make your website professional and according to your taste.  Now you can choose a template without images if you don’t have good resolution images on hand.

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