Lower SMS/text message prices !

By | October 29, 2014

Users in most countries will now profit from SMS reminders at lower costs

We can now offer most of our users SMS text messages to remind their clients of upcoming appointments at much lower prices than before. Almost all countries have different SMS fees and until now we have been using average costs for all users, independent of where they are resided. This meant that users in countries with low SMS costs were paying rather high costs per each SMS while users in other countries were actually paying below the SMS cost price. This arrangement was however not very fair for the majority of our users. Therefore prices have now been changed to reflect the true cost of the respective SMS in each country. Instead of buying SMS in our tariffs section, our users now buy SMS credits that convert to SMS messages.

Let’s take an example of a user in USA or Canada that purhases 1.000 credits for $70. Instead of getting 1000 SMS messages as he would have gotten before, he now gets over 2200 SMS messages !! A user in France however where SMS messages are relatively expensive now gets only 892 SMS for the same $70.

An example of how many credits are needed for sending SMS in various countries can be seen here below:


  • 0.45 credits to send SMS in USA/Canada  (0.0315 USD per SMS if pack of 1.000 SMS bought)
  • 0.85 credits to send SMS in UK   (approx 0.040 GBP per SMS if pack of 1.000 SMS bought)
  • 1.12 credits to send SMS in France (approx 0.1 Eur per SMS if pack of 1.000 SMS bought)
  • 0.49 credits to send SMS in India
  • 1.03 credits to send SMS in Australia
  • 1.4 credits to send SMS in Spain
  • 0.78 credits to send SMS in Honduras
  • 0.53 credits to send SMS in Denmark
  • 0.85 credits to send SMS in Norway
  • 0.86 credits to send SMS in Taiwan
In any case it is always recommended to use SMS as reminders for clients as it dramatically reduces no-shows and thereby increases otherwise lost revenue and makes inconvenient spaces in the schedule of performers.

2 thoughts on “Lower SMS/text message prices !

  1. Liz Bradley

    I am in Australia. Can you advise if clients can put their mobile in without having to use the international codes? Does your system have these in their automatically or do I need to add them?

    1. admin Post author

      You can set the country code in settings so that your clients do not have to select the country code for Australia.


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