Increased security in passwords

By | November 2, 2018

Increased control over security measures with the new Password custom feature has launched a new free custom feature that allows the system admin of the scheduling software to set the password policy for both system users and clients in details. The user can decide on things such as minimum password length, if there should be mix of upper and lower case characters, if digits and or special characters should be used and even if company or user/clientname is allowed or forbidden. Additionally the system admin can decide what happens if there is x many attempts using wrong login. The system can then be closed for further login from this user/client for a certain time duration. is GDPR ready and has been working on privacy and security related issues for several years. There is actual real work behind the security and privacy measures taken and not only change of wording in privacy policy and terms&conditions of the company like so many other online companies seem to think is enough. The company is now working full force towards ISO 27001 certification and has dedicated experienced staff making sure this happens sooner than later. Finding a reliable scheduling software provider that has both security and privacy issues under control is important for anyone looking for Enterprise Scheduling Tool.

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