Going on a vacation ?

By | June 9, 2015

Taking a vacation? Remember to set your vacation days as closed days in the SimplyBook.me system

Now it time for vacation and many of you will be taking time off from work during this time. If you are alone with your company, you can simply go into Settings // Special days and set the days closed when you will not be available for appointments. However, if there are many of you working for the company, and not all are going on vacation at the same time, you need to go to Manage // Service providers, you then click on the calendar icon. You can then set special days (vacation days) for each of the employees as per when each is on vacation. It is as simple as this !

Worried about the SimplyBook.me system payments during this time? No worries 🙂 If the system expires while you are away, you simply renew it when you come back and the renewal period starts the day you renew it.

Remark that free users should try to renew every month or at least never let more than 3 months pass between renewals as they then risk that their system gets deleted.

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