Finding a Booking Bug Free Alternative

By | November 25, 2014
No booking bugs in the software

You can be sure that the software is without any ugly bugs!

Finding bug free booking software is extremely important as you want your backbone booking software, that is accepting appointments 24/7, to run smoothly at all times. has been operating since 2008 as an appointment booking service with tens of thousands of registered users in every corner of the world. The system can be easily translated to any language and be used in any country. Being bug free is though not the only thing to look at when choosing and appointment software. Financial stability of the company behind the software is equally important. To our knowledge, we are the only company that provides appointment booking software that has published a credit rating report showing that we have very little chance of becoming suddenly bankrupt and thereby possibly suddenly disappearing from the net along with all the data and setup of our users. When you choose as your appointment booking software, then you are choosing a tried and stable solution, with a serious company that stands behind the solution, supports it, supports you, and continuously adds features that can benefit you in your business.

The booking software is packed with valuable feature such as:

  • Google calendar sync
  • Multiple staff
  • Unlimited users
  • Widgets for your website
  • Facebok fanpage booking module
  • Mobile apps that clients use to easily book appointments
  • Admin app where users have easy overview of all bookings
  • Accept payments when clients make a booking
  • See valuable stats of bookings, clients, and staff in dashboard

The features of are of course many more than we mention above so you should sign up now and see how can help you with increasing your business.

Remark that any software can experience bugs, but the severity often depends on how long and tried the software has been but being 100% totally bug free is almost impossible.

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