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By | April 18, 2016
All serious escape rooms that want to succeed need a booking system to allow clients to book 24/7

All serious escape rooms that want to succeed need a booking system to allow clients to book 24/7

The latest buzzword is Escape room, Escape game, Quest room or similar. Originally from Japan, the concept has spread over the world and become the entertainment of choice at weekends for families and groups. On weekdays it is mostly companies that come together to solve enigmas together, as a sort of a group strengthening activity. Only 3 years ago there were no such companies in France compared to over 200 today spread around the country. Old castles and historic sites are setting up facilities for escape rooms both for families to enjoy the excitement of breaking out of an historic room as well as  as well to entice people to come and look at beautiful old historic sites. The escape rooms entertainment is also often based on popular computer games, history, stories, movies or pretty much anything people can dream off. This is an hour of great fun where people have to help each other out to find the next clue.

All of these escape games need to allow the clients to book the activities online to better fill the slots and this is where comes in. With escape rooms all over the world using the booking system, escape room companies can now easily set up their account and start accepting bookings within couple of hours from sign-up with An escape room entertainment center can set up multiple rooms, with description and available times.  The system can be used in house as well to accept bookings for groups that call the company to book a quest room.  The client database can then be used to introduce new escape game rooms that are added to the facilities, to send out promotions, to offer rewards for telling their friends about the escape room or to get them to book a fun hour in any of the hundreds of rooms available in almost any country today.

To create an escape room you will need:

  1. Escape room booking system like
  2. Large place where you can construct several escape rooms with a nice reception where you can sit down and tell people about what they will be experiencing.
  3. A theme for the rooms that can sometimes be bought as licence from established escape rooms
  4. Staff for the reception
  5. Game master that through video cams follows how the groups are doing and helps with clues when needed

If you go for a licence you can count on 50.000 Eur/USD in licence costs with 10% of your revenues going to the licence owner. They will normally supply all the props and video equipment that is needed to start the operation.

The best escape rooms today are likely in Budapest, Hungary because there the space is not as expensive as in other large european cities and they have now many years of experience in running such rooms. If you are planning to open an escape room, visiting Hungary could be a good first stop.

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