Appointment system for golf clubs and golf tutors

By | May 2, 2016
The system is great choice for golf trainers and golf clubs.

The system is great choice for golf trainers and golf clubs.

The golf season is now starting in full force. People of all ages are looking into learning golf so they can start to enjoy this wonderful sport, that allows them to benefit from the most beautiful settings in the world and have fun with friends. Golf clubs and golf tutors need to allow their clients to both book tee times or lessons with golf tutors. The appointment system allows golf clubs to set up a system to accept tee times bookings or appointments with tutors. Of course having people make appointments is only one of the functionality, the clubs can also charge for golf lessons upfront. They can get reports on the work hours to pay their golf tutors accordingly.  The golf tutors can get the admin apps, allowing them to have overview on their upcoming bookings and to block times in case they will not be available. The tutors can be set up so that they can only see their own bookings and not those of their fellow tutors. The tutors can also have daily reports sent to their email with information on all bookings that day.

Having the clients make their bookings online makes them easily reachable via the promotion system. The club can make special promotions and even have the clients offer their friends special deals to come and get lessons or to try the club. There is no reason to wait trying out and starting to use the most flexible booking system available for golf clubs and tutors. If you want more business for your golf club and tutors then may just be the solution for you. The system is also perfect for solo golf trainers that want to take charge of their bookings and give clients flexibility to book whenever they remember to do so, and accept payments upfront and avoid the awkward moment of charging the clients.

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