Accept it … or not – You are in control

By | October 30, 2014

You can now choose from the dashboard if you accept the booking or not

We have now added a plugin with a feature that has been much requested through the years but we have not been too excited about this feature. It is sincerely our believe that if a client finds an available spot, the client can book that spot and be certain about getting it and the availability of the performer. However, our clients are the king and if they request this feature enough we add it even though it is not our spirit. We have however heard some very good reasons from users why such an option should be available. Imagine for example a psychologist, accepting patients  but in some cases he can expect violent patients and needs to provision for someone else to be there with him in case things would go out of hand. He can not know the availability of such assistance and in such cases it can be  absolute necessity to use the Accept bookings plugin. Of course not all cases are so obvious like the one above, and some performers want to use this to give them selves an additional flexibility. This will though be at the cost of the client which can be negative experience for the client.

In any case, the plugin is ready and if you use it, and a client makes a booking, the appointment is not confirmed until you go into the dashboard and accept the booking, only then will the client receive confirmation emails and a reminder when the appointments comes. Use this plugin if you need but always be careful with the experience of users and be quick to accept or call clients in the case a booking is not accepted. As the slot is available until you confirm the booking, other might book the same slot in which case you would need to accommodate with them a new time.

4 thoughts on “Accept it … or not – You are in control

  1. Alex Foreman

    Looks like a very useful new plugin. I’ve had a play with it and I’d like to see the following options added:
    1 – Option for non-approved appointments still reserve the time slot until approved or cancelled, so others can’t then book over it.
    2 – Option to apply approvals to only selected services.

    1. admin Post author

      Very good suggestions, will be put on our approvement list.

  2. Aster

    1)It would be more helpful if you allow exceptions to few clients list to allow booking without approval.
    2) Still the client will receive message within booking wizard that he booked, it is still not telling that “Booking is not confirmed until you receive SMS and email.


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