Outlook Calendar sync added

By | February 13, 2017
automatic Google and Outlook calendar sync

SimplyBook.me now has both automatic Google and Outlook calendar sync

There was a new upgrade in the SimplyBook.me appointment system last week!

The SimplyBook.me team has now added Outlok calendar sync to the Calendar sync custom feature. This means that employees/staff can now sync their personal calendars to avoid bookings when personally occupied whether they are using Google calendar or Outlook calendar.

Of course bookings on busy times can also simply be avoided by easily blocking hours in the SimplyBook.me scheduler software.

2 thoughts on “Outlook Calendar sync added

  1. AB Commendatore

    I have to say that I love this functionality! It’s arguably the simplest Outlook sync I’ve ever seen and it works seamlessly.

    That said, I’m the only person who can use it because I can’t create a calendar sync on behalf of my Providers and it doesn’t make sense to give Providers full Administrative permissions to the entire company site just to create the calendar sync.

    To make this feature actually useful, there needs to be a for the individual Provider to create their own sync without being an Administrator. Alternatively, there needs to be a way for the Administrator to create the sync on behalf of the Provider.

    1. admin Post author

      You are absolutely correct, and good point. Employees would need to have access to these settings! Will be put on task list.


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