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By | September 1, 2015

You can now add various functionality to the bookings that you receive in through the use of Here follows detailed instructions on how to create new zap that connects bookings to your email list at

First of all make sure you have an account at
Create an account at, it only takes 1 minute
Now use our invitation link to start the connection between and various apps at


After logging into the Zapier account select to create a new ZAP


Next choose a trigger app, put SimplyBook, in the search field to find the SimplyBook app and MailChimp as action app.

Find Zap and the App you want to connect. Here we connect with


Now you need to connect with your account so Zapier knows which account to connect with. Press the Connect a SimplyBook account button.


Make sure to have your login information to your account and insert in the relevant boxes..

Insert your credentials. Remember that company login name is the name in your URL for your booking page at


You will get a success message for the connection.

Connection to was successful


Now do the same for your MailChimp account.

Connecting to the MailChimp account.


You can use a filter to trigger only the event if that condition is fulfilled. This can relate to various information coming from fields, such as Additional fields information. You can also skip using any condition.

You can use conditions to filter what happens. Here for example we have chosen that ONLY if the Service provider is Goldarina, the client should be added to the email list.


When the condition has been created,  or skipped, you select the email list this relates to

This selection can differ according to the app you connect with.


You can test the Zap and see if this is working provided you have some recent data that fulfills the condition.

Test the connection and results, click on see trigger sample to verify.


You now only need to name this zap and your email list will now auto update every 5 minutes with new information coming from

Name the Zap that connects the 2 apps together.


If you finish doing this on your own, you will now have your first Zap connection. Don’t be afraid with experimenting with connections to other apps that you might have !!


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