What if I work in more than one location?

By | November 30, 2012

You can set SimplyBook.me up in a way to accept appointments in multiple locations



We recently received a nice email from one of our users where he congratulates us on our work.

“First of all congratulations on two way google calender integration! outstanding job! This was a feature i wrote to request several months ago and it works brilliantly first time with no set up needed! Brilliant! Also the promotional coupons are outstanding. Just what I’m looking for and far better than cl…book,  your only real competitor. I prefer your system as it is so user friendly…” 

He then asked if there was any way, he could have the scheduler set up in a way that would allow him to work in more than one location. This can in fact be solved by using categories and multiple providers. Here is our reply to him in an email.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your compliments ! In fact many use different locations by using the Categories plug in. With that you can create categories as locations, then you create services (for each location) and relate them to that location, and finally you create 3 service providers who each one has his own opening days (hours) corresponding to the different locations and relate these service providers to the service in relevant location … 
That’s it and solves your problem 😉
Service provider 1: Nick at NY
Service provider 2: Nick at Chicaco
Category 1: NY
Category 2: Chicaco
and then your services which you can have one or several at each location (category).
In translation module (Company settings – Translations) you can then change name of category to location and other things you might need !
Hope this helps,Ingi



4 thoughts on “What if I work in more than one location?

  1. Jennifer

    This did help out. However, I followed the instructions, then tested it out. Arent the clients being asked for the location twice? Location->Service->Employee (which has the location again)->Time->Details. Is there a way the client will not be asked the location twice?

    1. admin Post author

      We are just launching a location plugin (tomorrow in fact) which is much better to use if there are more locations being used. Please check on that tomorrow.

  2. Liza Sat-Akal Camba

    To Whom It May Concern, Or, To Ingi,

    Thank you for your help earlier.
    I’ve implemented the directions your provided, however now I’ve run into another issue.

    Here’s my problem.

    I have 3 websites that feature 3 unique services. Each website has its own corresponding email.

    I’ve taken your advice to set it up. Actually, I have 5 different websites with 5 different corresponding emails, so I created 5 different “Performers” and listed ONE service under each performer. That’s been successful.

    For example:
    I offer a specialized healing modality, a specialized clairvoyant reading, etc.

    The reality is that there really is only ONE performer do all the services –>Me!

    MY NEXT PROBLEM is this:
    It looks like I could potentially double or triple book at the same time slot for each service. Is this the case?

    How do I ensure that if someone books a Service C with me at 9am, that another client can book Service B with me at 9am too?

    Thanks! I look forward to having some clarity wit this.


    1. admin Post author

      Each performer has his own schedule, and each performer can be booked as per your settings. So if both performers (in your case locations) are available at the same time, then they both can be booked.


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