Victim of high pressure sales tactics ?

By | January 19, 2016
Often companies may experience high pressure sales tactics and be stuck in high price long term contracts.

Often companies may experience high pressure sales tactics and be stuck in high price long term contracts.

We have heard some nasty stories from appointment scheduling system users that experienced high pressure sales tactics from sales people and because of this signed up for very expensive systems for long periods with no way out. This technique to on-board users is usually only used when the appointment booking software (or other types of SaaS systems) are charging much higher prices than normally.

What they will tell you !

  • There is nothing out there like ours
  • We guarantee the results
  • You will get the costs many times back
  • We will help you all the way
  • Sign the contract and get a special deal

The sales people will then be on the back of the manager until he either gives up and signs the contract or until he makes it clear that he will not sign up for this system. Unfortunately the manager often gives in to the sales people and signs up. However the experience will often not be quite be like was described by the sales person.

The prices of these scrupulous systems may even be over $300 per month for a normal SMB while a fully comparable appointment system like can range from being FREE, or $8 for Basic subscription to only $59 for Platinum subscription.

Here are some sitejabber reviews from users that experienced high pressure sales tactics:


just run


sca does not engages in any kind of high pressure sales tactics. We do not have any sales team trying to lock users in for long periods. Our users usually come because they have heard from others about our system and then they can try the system for free for a whole month . If the company is small and does not need many features they can continue to use the free version for as long as they want. The users can choose which subscription suits them, and when they choose a subscription, they can choose a duration of 1 month, 3 months or more.  Our users do not sign any long duration contracts and can always quit when their paid period that they choose themselves expires.

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Today it is never necessary to sign contracts to use online SaaS systems. If you are being asked to sign a contract you should beware because there may be something fishy going on. Companies should have the possibility to choose the duration of contracts and usually they should have the opportunity to try the system for free.

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