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By | February 25, 2015
appointment and booking software alternative is a great alternative to many of the booking software on the market.

We regularly get people coming to us that have been looking for alternatives to the vCita and SetMore software. There are various reasons for why people are looking for alternatives although many are looking for lower prices or possibly more or other features. is a perfect alternative in this case as we have incredibly many features, really good and stable software and we are one of few systems that actually do offer a totally free working version of our system. If you are looking for an alternative to Vcita or Setmore, then your first place to investigate your options should be !

Features of booking system include:

  • Accept payments
  • Make promotions
  • Accept groups
  • Allow multiple bookings
  • Double authentication for increased security
  • Your own booking page
  • Pre-select providers to widgets that you place on your page
  • Accepts bookings in your Facebook fanpage
  • Synchronize your bookings with Google calendar

More booking system features

Of course has a lot more features than the ones mentioned above.

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