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By | June 14, 2016 gives you the tools to get more clients and bookings gives you access to tools like the Promotions and Come back Soon plugins to schedule more clients.

Increase your clientele in a simple way, get them to schedule more appointments, and refer their friends to become your clients. In short, make more money!

It is so often that companies and service providers forget themselves in their daily routine and don’t think too much about getting new clients and getting their own clients to come more often. This however is simple to do with the Online Scheduling Software but it of course does require some tiny bit of input of work from the user as well.  Let’s take an example in few steps to show you what you can do to increase your business and boost your revenues.

Step1. Use the “Come Back Soon” plugin, and set it up to automatically send email reminders to clients that have not shown up for a while. If they come in before the message is sent, then it is delayed again for the same pre-defined time. Using this plugin will not only remind your clients to come back, but it will also make them come more often, because very often clients simply forget to make a new appointment. Let’s say that someone could come in every 5 weeks, but sometime it is 5 and sometimes it goes to 7 weeks. If the reminder helps the client to book every 5 weeks instead of 6 weeks on average, you will get 20% more revenues, only from this same client! This plugin may additionally help you to get back clients that were maybe not intending to coming back because they did not yet have strong relation with your business. So please activate the Come Back Soon plugin and let the system work for you to increase your revenues.

Step2. Use the New Promotion system. You may have heard of it, but maybe not yet used it. USE IT, USE IT, USE IT, I could repeat this forever because in my view the promotion system may be the best opportunity you have to get more clients, sell more services, receive more revenues, see your order book fill more quickly and finally go to sleep with less worries 🙂 Yes the system will almost definitely help you earn more money if you use it in a right way. There are in fact 2 ways to use the promotion system.

  • Use it to create normal promotions, create a discount for certain or all services, get a promotion code, and advertise your promotion on Facebook, in Google and target potential clients in your local environment. This is the most common way to use promotions. Here is an example of how to promote your discount.
  • Use it on steroids, but this requires you to have an established client base. In this case you create a reward that you define which you offer to your existing clients for telling THEIR friends about your promotion. So, yes, you have a REWARD, and you have a PROMOTION. The reward is for your existing clients, and the promotion is for everyone, or maybe only new clients that are referred to by your existing clients. You may ask yourself, what you can offer as rewards for your clients. This can be pretty much anything, it can be some item that you sell or use during your services, it can be an unrelated item (dinner at restaurant), or it can be some service you provide. Using the Rewards/Promotion system will provide you with new clients that have connection through your old clients which will make them more prone to become long-term clients instead of getting some one time bargain hunters. See more about the promotion system and how it can help you schedule a lot more appointments.

Step3. Be visible, make business cards with link to your booking page and encourage your clients to use it. It will save you time from answering the phone while performing your services. This also enables your clients to book when they remember it which is probably most often in the evenings after work, when your business is closed. So please remember to give your clients your business card, every time they leave your door.

Step4. Stay cool, nothing more to say about this !

Don’t wait, act now to make your business grow before your competitors beat you to it. is there to help you achieve your goal!

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