Stripe added and Iceland goes crazy !!

By | June 23, 2016 has added Stripe as payment method for all of it’s users. Stripe has been requested many times by the users of but they were a bit reluctant to implement them because of security policy.  Fortunately they made changes on their side and now this popular payment method has been implemented!

Stripe of course has nothing to do with soccer/football, but in Iceland everything revolves around football these days and in fact 8% of the population went to France to join the team on their matches in the UEFA. Iceland is for the first time ever been playing in the UEFA (european championship) but it has never been able to qualify before. It has now played 3 matches, and has 2 equalities, against Hungary and Portugal and 1 win against Austria. On Monday it will play England in the 16 team playoffs but the last time these teams played, England won 6:1. England thinks this will be an easy match and is already preparing for the 8 team playoffs. What do you think will happen? Will Iceland surprise again or will they lose big? Is Ronaldo right about that the mentality of icelanders gets them nowhere?

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