can be used in any language!

By | November 6, 2012

It doesn’t matter what language you speak, our booking system will fit your needs

Although our external web page is only in 6 languages and yours is not amongst them, don’t despair ! We designed our system to be used in absolutely any language in the world. In the language module you can in a very short time translate you external web booking page to your preferred language. You can also adjust the admin side to your language if you have operators who don’t speak english but it may take a bit longer as it is bigger than the client’s interface.

Language translation is though not the only thing you can use the translation module for ! You can use it to adjust the client side of the system to exactly what you are providing as a service. You may for example not want to talk about service providers on your interface, you might prefer to have it called doctors or something else. You may also not just translate the text, you can also use the translation to describe something different than what the original text was about. An example of this could be to say in top of “Opening hours” table, that you are only accepting bookings “Between 23rd to 25th oct”. This would suit if you were using the system as an event. But don’t let our imagination stop you, use your own and see how you can use our translation module to your advantage.

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