and Zapier integration

By | October 15, 2015
online booking system integration with CRM and invoicing software

Users can now integrate with various other systems using Zapier



We have now fully integrated our solution with Zapier as well as created 8 Zaps that you can use to connect to other systems.  The Zaps that have been created are:

  • Gmail confirmation to client’s agent
  • Gmail confirmation to admin of company (See more)
  • Add event to Google calendar
  • Add booking to Google sheets
  • Create contact in SalesForce (See more)
  • Create contact in MailChimp (See tutorial)
  • Add new contact to Google contacts
  • Create contact in ConstantContact

Very soon we will enhance our functionality to make it possible to send financial information from our system in the booking information which will make it possible for users to easily create invoices in the popular invoicing software and other financial software that is now connected with Zapier.

See all exisiting Zaps

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