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By | April 4, 2016
Free for all scheduling software, often comes with a surprise later!

Free for all scheduling software, often comes with a surprise later!

You may have seen this before, some company offers free system for all subscribers and they can actually do it for a limited time because they may have received some $10 million or more in funding. Unfortunately the fun and unlimited money from investors usually comes to an end with a demand that the company must now start to make some money. This is of course when the users may get a sudden surprise, unexpectedly the free appointment system they were using costs $49 per month.

This is where differs from so many of the so called free systems. has offered a free version for small users for many years, but it has at the same time always offered bigger users with more needs a paid subscription to be able to run the company, and continue development.

Obviously a small company with very limited bookings may not have many dollars to put into a system so the free alternative is great while growing. However when the appointments grow it is only normal that a subscription should be paid, because otherwise the user will without a doubt later receive a nasty increase or that the company simply goes bankrupt and the data gets lost. offers an incredibly fair subscription pricing for many years and very seldom have there been any complaints. also prides it self in that the existing users are never up to any sudden increases in pricing.

Calendar booking software such as styleseat, mytime have directories for their users but also has this for their users and offers the booking and promotion directory also has a social promotion system that can help almost everyone to grow their business by leveraging their own clients. This is something that most others do not offer. Don’t search too long if you are looking for a StyleSeat or MyTime alternatives because is probably your answer.

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