Simply create a new event

By | March 13, 2015

We have created a new function that allows you to simply create a new event.

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To create a new event you go to Services, Select “New event”, and in the window that pops-up, you fill out the details that correspond to your event.

First of all you set the name of your event, you can aslo add a description, you then set the date of the event, and what time it happens on this date. Remark that the duration of event can be several days with the “opening” hours that are set. Also remark that during the opening hours you can have the even occur many times by setting event duration shorter than the total opening time for the event during the set dates.

For example if event is open for 6 hours, the event can happen only once if event duration is set to 6 hours, but if event duration is set to 1 hour, then the event will occur 6 times during this opening time. In the number of participants fields you then set how many people can attend each event at same time.

If you want to add price to your event, just activate the price plugin, set it up, and then create your event.

If you have both services and events it can be good to activate the Categories plugin and set events in one category and services in the other.

That’s all, now your clients can participate in and buy your events from your booking pages and widgets !!

It is easy to create events in

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