Replace booking system

By | October 1, 2012
Replace the booking system with a top system

Always try to select a provider that will stay alive and provide you with services for along time!

So another online booking system is quitting … this is not the first one and certainly not the last one to give up. The online scheduling system business is a hard business, with a lot of competitors, and a lot of feature demands from users that aren’t willing to pay much for good solutions that sustain their business.

Fortunately the solution is built on solid foundations and although we have not received any angel funding or venture fundings, we have managed to make our company cash flow positive. We plan to keep it this way, and grow only as much as our revenues allow us while staying on top of features for our users all the time like we have done till now.

When you choose a booking system BE SURE THAT IT WILL STAY ONLINE FOR A LONG TIME ! It is no fun having to set up another system with another company every 3 months or every year. If you choose booking system you can rest assure that we are in business for the long run and will not give up on our users!

We welcome all users to our system and assure them that they will not need to look for another provider in the future  like they may risk with a lot of other online booking system providers who depend on funding with or companies with an overhead cost that needs to charge it’s users outrageous fees to survive.



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