Our support team caught on camera !

By | July 17, 2015

Our support team is working hard, all the time, and some say that they are even working hardest of us all, and until proven wrong we believe this is true. We now have some of our support staff that are answering our Live Help in a short camera shot that was taken earlier today. I think you will agree that they are all in to their work and take it very seriously 🙂

[vimeo id=”133764628″ align=”center”]

In this movie you can meet Orect, Helen and Elina ! They are very good at their job and are always polite, but if they are answering many clients at the same time, you may occationally find their answers a bit short, but that is only because they are trying to help others at the same time and are trying their best to respond to all.  Remember to be gentle to them and they will do their absolute best to help you to set up your system !

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