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By | April 17, 2014

With our new widget the website visitors can either make a booking, or send a message and questions to the company directly from the website. This is of great help for a lot of companies and businesses such as lawyers, real estate agents, psychologists and many more professions. Not all visitors are ready to book right away, and rather want to send a question and to be contacted back. In any case the service performers can have their schedule available and accepts bookings if that is what the client prefers or get a lead, that they can work with, call the client back, and schedule an appointment.

The widget is really easy to set up, you can change texts and colors, and then you just need to paste the code into your website (anywhere in BODY section), in the pages where you want the button to appear.

Go to the Plugin section of the admin interface and activate the Contact and booking widget. Then you go to the settings of the widget.


In the plugin settings you can set up the contact and booking widget according to your needs


Set the widget as you want it to appear on your website


After setting the widget up, copy the code, and paste in the BODY section of your website. If you are using WIX, Weebly, SquareSpace, GoDaddy or other website providers, use the relevant HTML component to paste this code in to the relevant pages, where you want the contact booking button to appear.

The button appears with the text you write in the settings

You can position the button on the bottom of pages, or the sides and in any distance from the corners that you like.

When a user presses the button, he can select to either make an appointment or send a message.

Visitor can select to send a message or book an appointment


If the user selects to leave a message, a relevant form comes up.

The contact form appears if visitors selects to send a message

If the visitor chooses to make a booking, he gets the booking form.

The booking form appears if visitor selects to make a booking

To see a list of all messages, go to Plugins in Menu, and select Contact Messages, to see a list of all messages, and from there you can simply click them to answer with an email, or even better, phone your prospects and make the convincing speech why they should make a booking and meet up with you or your service performers.

This booking and contact widget is a great addition to the powerful tools our users have access to, to make more sales, and higher their service level.

REMARK. To add this contact and booking scripts to WordPress, you need to first install a plugin like:
You then add the code using this plugin.

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