Multiple bookings (update)

By | January 15, 2013

Often one person makes the appointment for a larger group as opposed to one person making many services at same time.

UPDATE: Multiple bookings plugin is ready, see here

We have got many providers contacting us with the requirement of allowing their clients to pick several services before they confirm their appointment and we have also gotten inquiries about group bookings, where one responsible can book for many in his group and pay for all. Both of these cases fall under the term multiple bookings even though they are in fact very different.

An example of the first request could be a beauty salon that has multiple service offerings. Creating package combinations for all possible versions of the services that the client might need is impossible. In this case, one can use the multiple bookings module to allow the client to choose the services he needs, and book them all at once.

The second request was for allowing one person (group leader) to go to the site, make a booking but order many slots at the same time and pay for all if required. An example of this could be a Paintball provider, that sells access to area to groups. Price and access depends on how many come in each group. The client makes the booking during possible opening hours, states how many will be coming with him in the group, and then he sees all possible spaces where his groups fit in.

We listen to all good suggestions and we are happy to inform you that this feature will finally be ready as a plugin with in the next couple of weeks !

7 thoughts on “Multiple bookings (update)

  1. melu

    It’s the multiple booking working already ? I really like the idea and it’s very necessary for me.

  2. Louis

    good to hear of this new development! 🙂
    a couple of weeks have passed, when do you plan the release of this plugin?
    thanks a lot

  3. David

    I’m having troubling enabling the group bookings plug in. It wont give me an option to enable/disable. Any ideas?

    1. admin Post author

      You probably don’t have allowance for more plugins according to your subscription. Otherwise you would be able to enable more plugins. Please upgrade or buy additional plugins in Tariffs // Packs section.


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