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By | March 20, 2014

Finally, you can now easily access your bookings, add new bookings and change bookings on your phone or mobile device. Just log into like normally and experience the new easy to use interface. You can see a quick demo of how to use it here below:


[vimeo id=”89608227″ mode=”normal” maxw=”450″ align=”center”]


How can you as user benefit from our new mobile booking version ?

  • Need to check your appointments while at the airport, no problem.
  • Someone calls you while you are on the road and books an appointment, no problem.
  • You have many users, and want each of them to see their own appointment schedule and be able to book and make changes, no problem.
  • Someone calls while you are watching TV and calls in sick, no problem, your phone is handy and you can cancel and free the slot up for someone else.
  • While at lunch you realize that you will be occupied for the rest of the day, no problem, just create a block booking for the time you can’t make it.
  • You are not at work and realize you will need to re-schedule the next client in schedule, no problem, simply find him, call and reschedule.

Having the appointments always at hands makes it easier than ever to take control of your schedule and make your life simpler.

Remark that it is still in beta so please report back to us if you remark any small bugs. We re pretty confident that you will not find any big ones 🙂


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    1. admin Post author

      If you are using our widgets, in the widget settings, set it to redirect mobile users. Then copy the code, and paste again to your html on your site.


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