Free, Standard or maybe just go for Premium?

By | May 26, 2016
Consider upgrading to a higher subscription and get access to more plugins that can increase your revenues much more than the difference of subscription costs.

Consider upgrading to a higher subscription and get access to more plugins that can increase your revenues much more than the difference of subscription costs.

REMARK: All of´s subscription packages include unlimited number of staff members, each with their own calendar. It is important to know this when comparing prices with competitors as this is often not the case.

The Free appointment scheduling subscription includes one plugin and 50 bookings included per month. now offers around 40 custom features that can be enabled or disabled as per user’s needs. Each of these features provides different additional functionality to enhance or change the behaviour of the system which often helps you to earn more money.  For many the free subscription is plenty but if you want to boost your business, it may be feasible to look at higher subscriptions packages and thereby get access to more custom features that will help you to do so.

Throughout the years the basic subscription was the most popular subscription as it allows 3 custom features and up to 100 bookings per month. This means that users can for example enable the most popular features such as to accept payments, use additional fields to get more information from clients, install google analytics/adwords.

As we have been adding huge number of useful custom features in the recent years, with new features being added several times over the year, more and more users are selecting the Standard subscription. With the Standard subscription users get 8 custom features and up to 500 bookings. With increased number of available custom features, users can for example activate the “Come back soon” plugin to automatically remind clients to come and book again if a long time has passed without a new booking. Different services can for example have different times that will be used to remind clients if they have forgotten to come back and book.  You can simply define when a reminder is sent to your clients depending on which service was provided when they last booked a service with you. This feature is very useful to increase your revenues at the same time that you in fact provide your clients with better personalized service.

Those who choose the Premium packages, get their business to a whole new level.

The Premium subscription allows you to accept up to 2.000 bookings per month and you get access to unlimited plugins. This means that you can select all the important plugins to enhance your business site, become more professional and get more clients. The promotion plugin should absolutely be used (this plugin should also be seriously considered in lower subscriptions) because it allows you to grow your business by leveraging on your existing clients. This is an extremely important plugin which all serious business should consider to use.

You can also consider sending different models of messages depending on services or providers, you can use HTML to make descriptions look better, allow users to use Facebook login for quick check-out and allow you to see faces of clients in dashboard, sync your google calendar with your software, accept group bookings where one leader can book for many, use different locations if you are based in more than one location, get daily reports by email, use HIPAA and set appointments at fixed times (like only at 15 minutes past the hour).

You can activate classes, membership, client login and there is of course many more features to choose from and more to come. The premium subscription is without a doubt the most economical subscription, even though it is the most expensive because it takes your company to a new level and can help you to grow you business way beyond the few extra dollars it costs.

If you want to upgrade, please check the Price section, Additional items, and if you don’t find an upgrade that suits you, please contact the Live help of which will find out how you can be upgraded to the system that will make your business rise to a new level.

Remember that you do not need many additional bookings to make up the difference between the Free and even the Premium subscription that comes at only $59 per month.


2 thoughts on “Free, Standard or maybe just go for Premium?

  1. Elisabeth

    Do any of the packages offer a plug in for those that want to require a fee up front to secure appointments or enforce clients to prepay for their appointments in order to avoid cancellations and no show appointments?

    Also do any of the packages automatically book clients in appointment slots to avoid double booking?


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