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By | May 25, 2016

customize notifications per service or providerSimplyBook.me is without a doubt one one the most flexible appointment systems in the world. We are constantly adding new configuration possibilities to the system, but to keep it simple for those who only need basics, we add these new inventions as plugins. This allows us to keep the simplicity of the basic system while at the same time service the needs of those who want more.

We have are now adding a new plugin that allows users to send personalised messages based on the service that is being booked, on the provider that is being booked or by a combination of the two.  To better explain what this mean we can look at the basic messaging. When a client books a service, he receives a notification about the time, date, and provider. These information are variable and depend on what was booked. The user can however not include in the message with the service called “First appointment”, that the  client should print out terms and bring them signed when he comes to the appointment. This message would need to be included in all messages.

You can select certain services, certain providers or a combination to trigger a personalised message.

You can select certain services, certain providers or a combination to trigger a personalised message.

However with our new Flexible notifications plugin, the user can now make a specific message that relates only to the “First appointment” service where there is added to message that terms should be printed and brought to appointment signed. Of course the user can adjust this message to be whatever they want or need. The different message within notifications can also relate to a certain provider that wanted to have specific message to all his clients, or it can be related to both a service and a provider.

The user can select to base the message from any of the already made notifications in the SimplyBook.me system and this new adjusted message will be replacing the default message.

Isn’t it great to have a system that works for you!

One thought on “Flexible notification per service or provider

  1. Svatik

    This feature is really great! We’ve been hoping to get this one for months! 🙂 Thank you.

    Just one comment.. Please, would you add the “Feedback request” customization here as well? It is basically one of the most crucial ones, as we want to maintain the relation with the new customer.

    Thank you!
    Kind regards


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