It is all thanks to you! Yes, it is!

By | February 3, 2016
It is thanks to you that appointment scheduler app is growing so fast!

It is thanks to you that appointment scheduler app is growing so fast!

3.000 new companies signed up with us in January!! Yes, THREE THOUSAND in one month! This is a new record month for us and we thank YOU, our existing users for this! It is because of YOU that all these new users are coming and signing up for, it is because YOU referred them to us!  We thank you for your support! It is so amazing that a company from the small country Iceland, in the middle of the northern Atlantic ocean, can actually be servicing companies all over the world. We are now helping companies in almost every imaginable country and island with keeping track of their appointments. Even in the first week after the Iran embargo was lifted we got our first subscription from there, how amazing is that!

We know the reason why we are doing so well, it is because YOU told someone around you, who is also providing services, that you are using to take care of your appointments and keeping your schedule book up to date. We are so proud that you did this for us, and we sure are thankful. This makes us even more focused on supplying you with the MOST ADVANCED, MOST AFFORDABLE, and FLEXIBLE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM in the world.

In just a few hours we will also be announcing our next impressive system upgrade. We have been working on this upgrade for months in order to make it perfect for YOU! For Our users! To keep YOU happy, so that you keep referring us to your friends and those you know need appointment booking systems … because we understand that you want ONLY THE BEST for you and your friends and we intend to provide this to you.

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